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  1. Week 32

    Tuesday, September 18, 2012

    Our last check up was last Saturday and we'll be seeing Dr Delaila once every two weeks now until week 36 i think which then will be once a week. I think. Haha Yeah I'm blur when it comes to doc's appointment. Anyway, Baby is healthy and she's about 2.1kg now. fuh that's 1.1kg difference from previous month. Scary! But doc reassure us that it's normal, baby is not big nor small. so phewwww...

    But that got me thinking in another four weeks when im about 36 weeks she'll be 3.1kg?? Alamak!! I was born at 2.8kg and to me 3.1kg for a girl hurm.... macam besar je! takut!!

    Ok I know, shouldnt worry now... as long as she's healthy I'm happy.

    Dr Delaila told us from the scan that she has long legs and deep set of eyes, pipi tembam and hidung mancung. Weewiiiittt ikut sape tu?? Amiza and I both had instincts that she'll be daddy's girl, she'll be resembling Ikmal a lot. Perangai pon.

    Haha... GOOD!!

    Don't follow me, drama banyak!!

    Oh well... that's her and below is my tummy at 32 weeks =D

    Sorry for the inappropriate baju, that's seems the most comfortable set of baju in this weather, Oh Malaysia why u no snow???

    As for the fabulous weekend, Ikmal made a special burger for us.

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