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  1. The glow

    Friday, September 7, 2012

    Fortunately for me, I guess I do feel the pregnancy glow people talk about. Surprisingly this pregnancy hormone helps clear my skin, I can survive days without facial cleanser. weird heh? I don't feel tired easily, I don't have swollen feet, legs, hands, fingers or face.

    This picture was taken on 5th September 30weeks pregnant =)

    Hokay as promised here's the 'bump' hahaha *malu*

    and here's me menggedik with the bump

    See... told ya the bump is tiny... if I cover my tummy with my cardigan people will assume that i'm just fat =p ahahaha very easy to hide the pregnancy news heh?

    We are going for our first ante-natal class today at SJMC or SDMC (what they call the hospital now) Rather thrilled actually as first time parents kan? ahahhaa Ikmal dah start fuh fuh hah hah ntah apa2 ntah dia tu. Konon macam tu lah cara breathing betul -.-


    Anyway, next week Mama buat open house and kenduri doa Selamat for me and Angah (bertolak pergi haji on the 19th Sept) so we postponed our 2nd ante-natal class to 12th October. Haih. Takpe... Family last minute memang selalu gini.

    We already started to shop on baby stuff, so far we got 2 sets of baby clothes, 4 pairs or socks, 2 pairs of booties and mittens. Owh and cloth napkins as swaddle (mama kata nipis elok sbb malaysia panas) When I say we I meant my mom and I, if keluar ngan Ikmal confirm we end up buying nothing because both clueless -.-

    But since Mama told me what to buy semalam we bought disposable diapers for newborn and maternity pads for myself hihihi... so ada gak yang kitorang shopping sama2 ehehehe =D

    Looking forward to the next shopping sprees ihihihihi toodles

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