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    Monday, September 3, 2012


    Hate it.

    Last night, I was laughing so hard watching a video but as soon as Ikmal pointed out to me that I was laughing too hard I cried. Hard. Hahahaha... It was kinda funny when you think about it. I blame the hormones uuggghhhhh... 

    Made a birthday cake for a special friend KUTTEN =)

    Well that's the comot cake I made for her

    She didn't expect a cake with candles from us ;) so she had a birthday surprise for the first time =)

    Friends forever indeed... Insya-Allah =D

    So that was Saturday, on Friday Ikmal made a delicious, juicy burger for our usual guest En Rosman and Cik Ayu.

    Ikmal made only 6 patties and there were 4 of us, Anisah came later so we reserved 1 for her. En Rosman couldn't get enough of the burger so he shared the last burger with Ikmal. Both of us girls ate 1 each because 1 is fulfilling enough!! it's HUGE!!!

    To my surprise when Anisah came later she ate the whole burger in a heartbeat, she really enjoyed it!! It was really good!!!

    Ikmal made everything from scratch from the beef patty to the bun =) I'm so proud of him!!

    For dessert, I made a Molten Chocolate Cake... It was divine!!!!

    A very satisfying weekend for us, great food, great companion... what a life!!! Alhamdullillah...

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