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  1. Cloth Diaper (CD)

    Tuesday, September 18, 2012

    ECO Pack (Day & Night) from Bamboolite

    I've bought one small pack of newborn's disposable diapers but as a committed and responsible citizen of our planet earth , I've always known i'm gonna use cloth diaper for all my babies =D It's a best choice for all mothers.

    As u know, I've quit using plastic bags to shop loooonnnngggggg ago so when I know there's an alternative to disposable diapers I immediately jumped on that idea. Even before I got pregnant, I've already know CD is definitely our choice!

    So, we've decided to buy this brand because after much research I think by far it's the best for us.

    (3+6) Perfect Days - Premium (Diaper Shell x3 + Premium Soaker x6)
    (1) Perfect Nights - Heavy
    Normal Price: RM389.00
    Discounted Price: RM330.10

    We are going to give it a try by buying this Eco pack and see how our baby's skin respond to it, and afterwards if it's okay we'll buy more.

    Wish us luck ;)
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