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  1. aha!

    Friday, September 28, 2012

    Finally, the article i've been dreading to read! not that i've ever look for it but it is a thing i kept forgetting to research about: Introducing ur cat-baby to ur new baby =)

    Tapir will always be my darling baby. FOREVER. I love him so much, that some says it's too much =p Anyway, before i got pregnant i once dreamt that Tapir bite off my baby's head. Yeah i know it's sounds scary. But I know Tapir wont do that but i do have the fear of him scratching the baby etc, knowing him with stranger of course.

    So, rupanya I have more things to add in my to-do list before the baby is born *sigh* to read the article click here.
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  2. Week 32

    Tuesday, September 18, 2012

    Our last check up was last Saturday and we'll be seeing Dr Delaila once every two weeks now until week 36 i think which then will be once a week. I think. Haha Yeah I'm blur when it comes to doc's appointment. Anyway, Baby is healthy and she's about 2.1kg now. fuh that's 1.1kg difference from previous month. Scary! But doc reassure us that it's normal, baby is not big nor small. so phewwww...

    But that got me thinking in another four weeks when im about 36 weeks she'll be 3.1kg?? Alamak!! I was born at 2.8kg and to me 3.1kg for a girl hurm.... macam besar je! takut!!

    Ok I know, shouldnt worry now... as long as she's healthy I'm happy.

    Dr Delaila told us from the scan that she has long legs and deep set of eyes, pipi tembam and hidung mancung. Weewiiiittt ikut sape tu?? Amiza and I both had instincts that she'll be daddy's girl, she'll be resembling Ikmal a lot. Perangai pon.

    Haha... GOOD!!

    Don't follow me, drama banyak!!

    Oh well... that's her and below is my tummy at 32 weeks =D

    Sorry for the inappropriate baju, that's seems the most comfortable set of baju in this weather, Oh Malaysia why u no snow???

    As for the fabulous weekend, Ikmal made a special burger for us.

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  3. ECO Pack (Day & Night) from Bamboolite

    I've bought one small pack of newborn's disposable diapers but as a committed and responsible citizen of our planet earth , I've always known i'm gonna use cloth diaper for all my babies =D It's a best choice for all mothers.

    As u know, I've quit using plastic bags to shop loooonnnngggggg ago so when I know there's an alternative to disposable diapers I immediately jumped on that idea. Even before I got pregnant, I've already know CD is definitely our choice!

    So, we've decided to buy this brand because after much research I think by far it's the best for us.

    (3+6) Perfect Days - Premium (Diaper Shell x3 + Premium Soaker x6)
    (1) Perfect Nights - Heavy
    Normal Price: RM389.00
    Discounted Price: RM330.10

    We are going to give it a try by buying this Eco pack and see how our baby's skin respond to it, and afterwards if it's okay we'll buy more.

    Wish us luck ;)
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  4. Car seat recycle

    Tuesday, September 11, 2012

    My Sister in Law gave us her stepson's infant car seat, it was in a poor condition. However as I browse an online baby store I came across a baby car seat head and body support cushion.

    So I decided to clean the car seat frame, wash the cover and walaaaa....

    We got ourselves a car seat :-D though it's not brand new but hey why buy a new one when the old one is usable kan? Kan?
    Save money lah wei!!

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  5. The glow

    Friday, September 7, 2012

    Fortunately for me, I guess I do feel the pregnancy glow people talk about. Surprisingly this pregnancy hormone helps clear my skin, I can survive days without facial cleanser. weird heh? I don't feel tired easily, I don't have swollen feet, legs, hands, fingers or face.

    This picture was taken on 5th September 30weeks pregnant =)

    Hokay as promised here's the 'bump' hahaha *malu*

    and here's me menggedik with the bump

    See... told ya the bump is tiny... if I cover my tummy with my cardigan people will assume that i'm just fat =p ahahaha very easy to hide the pregnancy news heh?

    We are going for our first ante-natal class today at SJMC or SDMC (what they call the hospital now) Rather thrilled actually as first time parents kan? ahahhaa Ikmal dah start fuh fuh hah hah ntah apa2 ntah dia tu. Konon macam tu lah cara breathing betul -.-


    Anyway, next week Mama buat open house and kenduri doa Selamat for me and Angah (bertolak pergi haji on the 19th Sept) so we postponed our 2nd ante-natal class to 12th October. Haih. Takpe... Family last minute memang selalu gini.

    We already started to shop on baby stuff, so far we got 2 sets of baby clothes, 4 pairs or socks, 2 pairs of booties and mittens. Owh and cloth napkins as swaddle (mama kata nipis elok sbb malaysia panas) When I say we I meant my mom and I, if keluar ngan Ikmal confirm we end up buying nothing because both clueless -.-

    But since Mama told me what to buy semalam we bought disposable diapers for newborn and maternity pads for myself hihihi... so ada gak yang kitorang shopping sama2 ehehehe =D

    Looking forward to the next shopping sprees ihihihihi toodles

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  6. Coming real soon

    Thursday, September 6, 2012

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  7. Wednesday, September 5, 2012

    I think there’s no reason still to announce the happy news. I’m still contemplating on whether or not I should make this blog public or remain private.

    Should I? or should I not?

    The initial plan is after Raya, now Raya is almost over (it is over to me after the first week) so what’s next? Is this still count as procrastination? Haha…

    I got baby bump to show but… nanti lah eh? Maybe next post =p

    Us on my birthday 4th day of Raya

    Ignore the huge me =p
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  8. My brilliant sister

    Tuesday, September 4, 2012

    She may plagiarize, but all I know she is a total brain for coming up with this (or found)

    There are two people you’ll meet in your life. One will run a finger down the index of who you are and jump straight to the parts of you that peak their interest. The other will take his or her time reading through every one of your chapters and maybe fold corners of you that inspired them most. You will meet these two people; it is a given. It is the third that you’ll never see coming. That one person who not only finishes your sentences, but keeps the book.

    Brilliant ey?

    Plan to go for a walk today, but Ikmal got an MC. Does that mean we have to cancel?
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  9. Of food and friends

    Monday, September 3, 2012


    Hate it.

    Last night, I was laughing so hard watching a video but as soon as Ikmal pointed out to me that I was laughing too hard I cried. Hard. Hahahaha... It was kinda funny when you think about it. I blame the hormones uuggghhhhh... 

    Made a birthday cake for a special friend KUTTEN =)

    Well that's the comot cake I made for her

    She didn't expect a cake with candles from us ;) so she had a birthday surprise for the first time =)

    Friends forever indeed... Insya-Allah =D

    So that was Saturday, on Friday Ikmal made a delicious, juicy burger for our usual guest En Rosman and Cik Ayu.

    Ikmal made only 6 patties and there were 4 of us, Anisah came later so we reserved 1 for her. En Rosman couldn't get enough of the burger so he shared the last burger with Ikmal. Both of us girls ate 1 each because 1 is fulfilling enough!! it's HUGE!!!

    To my surprise when Anisah came later she ate the whole burger in a heartbeat, she really enjoyed it!! It was really good!!!

    Ikmal made everything from scratch from the beef patty to the bun =) I'm so proud of him!!

    For dessert, I made a Molten Chocolate Cake... It was divine!!!!

    A very satisfying weekend for us, great food, great companion... what a life!!! Alhamdullillah...

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