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  1. Should I be worry?

    Tuesday, March 6, 2012

    I don't experience any spotting. Is that bad? Should I be worry? had the embryo implanted at the uterus?

    Few more days to week 5. Ya Allah, protect my baby and me. Amin
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  2. I'm 4 weeks pregnant ( I think)

    Monday, March 5, 2012

    Hahaha you heard that right. I maybe pregnant. I decided since I refuse to share the news to everyone. just yet. I might record the journey through my blog yet keep it private until the time is right to tell.

    No pregnancy photos here unfortunately because I've taped it in my journal for keepsake and plus you've seen enough positive pregnancy before right? you don't need to see mine jugak kan?

    So according to one pregnancy website I read, I'm now about 4weeks 4 days pregnant. hurm. A LOOooOOOoooOOOng way to go still... So far no nausea or morning sickness... just headaches occasionally and menstrual-like cramps.

    some people had constipation, fortunately for me my bowel movement seems alright. So hurray for that!!

    I do urinate quite frequently, sometimes during my nap i dream of urinating and almost wet the bed. that will be embarrassing! hahaha

    I suspected that I might be pregnant since last week when i started having a feeling of heavy and full breasts, but i wasnt so sure because i occasionally get menstrual-like cramps. I thought... well i'm getting my period anytime soon now. However when I missed my period, I started worry because I recently had quite a lot of exact 28days cycle of menstrual. So it's supposed to be on time.

    When I was about 3 days late, we decided to buy home pregnancy test kit and the next morning I tested and got a two line. hurm. Of course I'm happy. I told Ikmal that very moment and he just said yeah in his sleepish way, huh... bengang je... I then shouted at him, he awoke and said, "I dah lama tau u pregnant lah, where's the surprise?" then off back to sleep he went


    No suprises? more like no excitement! pppfffttt...

    Anyway, Ikmal is Ikmal he is so calm and so Ikmal. Here I was... excited macam beruk, lompat sini sana rasa nak shout out to the world... dia tenang je. But he do talks about the baby a lot. He wants a boy, I want a girl. We actually dont really mind the gender, we just choose to take sides for the sake of being cute couples arguing about baby gender ahahahahaha

    Joy. Joyful.

    The happiness of knowing that you are pregnant is just uncontainable. You feel like sharing and calling your friends and be the center of attraction! Well I am a virgo aren't i?

    Tapi since it's still early to say anything with the risk of miscarriage and all, we decided to keep it a secret =D ihihihi

    So... that's about it. bye.
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