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    Tuesday, September 13, 2011

    When we do something, there’s no need justification to why we did it. I think the more you say the more people will try to prove you wrong. I learn it the hard way.

    People LOVE passing judgment, that’s human!

    I read newspaper everyday, and what I hate about reading them is this uneasy, discontented feeling you get reading about how unkind human can be. Sometimes you wonder what’s going on in their head that they did what they did; Rape, manslaughter, stabbing and injuring woman, snatching people’s handbags, recent acid splashing and cruelty.

    Should we blame the parents or the government? Or is it our fault as a community? If I am to reason every crime committed, I bet I’ll be in a mental house! I think what we should is not ponder on the why but instead we should start thinking about how we can help reduce the crime.

    I think the most we can do is either voice out our concern to the media and help in any kind we can. But we cannot take justice into our hands.

    I think the two ‘boys’ who went into hiding are scared. I am not sure if they have repent their sin or not but they are being immature. They should face the public and apologize because what they did is unforgivable to some, as we’ve read cats lovers’ respond on their apologies on facebook.

    I think people want to see them crying and pleading publicly, maybe if we hear the ‘sad stories’ coming out of their mouth we’ll be more forgiving? Even then if we still cannot forgive them, what more should they do to make you forgive?

    I think it’s just a sad case of not wanting to forgive, EVER!

    This is a case of abandoning pets to death. Is it so much different from committing the crime with your bare hands? Should we start defining cruelty? Cruel, not so cruel not cruel… Any act of cruelty is cruel. It’s the same like forgiving. You cannot be selective in forgiving.

    I couldn’t imagine myself in a state of belief where we choose who to forgive or what types of crime to forgive.

    It’s the same thing as voicing out your opinion, we are finicky when it comes to what should or shouldn’t been said publicly.

    Justification to why we forgive, why we don’t want to forgive, why we do this etc are just too dreary.

    Bottom line. Somebody commit a crime, we forgive or we don’t. It’s as simple as that.

    It’s also the same thing like asking people to care about animal cruelty, asking people to start voicing out on behalf of these voiceless animals.

    It’s very hard to convince people to forgive, like it is asking people to care.

    Look what happen now after the government launch of No Plastic Bags on Saturday? We still see majority of people asking for plastic bags. Same goes to anti-smoking programmes.

    It’s hard, people refuse to listen.

    You want people to care, but you don’t want to forgive. It works both ways. God almighty is watching, we should do all we can to improve ourselves. We shouldn’t stop learning, learning to care about living creature, learning to be more forgiving.

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