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  1. Petknode Fiasco

    Wednesday, September 7, 2011

    I urge everyone to stop sending negative, bad, snide remarks to Petknode Cat Boarding. No I am not their accomplice, staff nor family member. I am just a fellow Muslim and Human being, who is also a cat lover and have about 30 cats. Have conscience and compassion, we are born flawed and fallible. God made us that way so we have some sense of humility. Both the owners had shown some sign of remorse by issuing an apology; it’s enough for me because that shows they are still human. Whatever we do or say will not bring back the dead nor return health to all other cats that were ill-treated. What we should all do now is move forward, stop pointing finger here and there, instead ask yourself, what can you do to help stray or feral cats? Do you adopt a stray cat or buy one? If you point your finger at someone, REMEMBER there are 3 more pointing at you!

    Let us all be Kind and Forgiving.

    Happy Eid!

    I post this message on my FB and i tagged Petknode Cat Boarding. I guess it was a mistake on my part for believing that humans are capable of showing compassion. Well yeah i know it's hard. No one is saying it's easy but at least u should show respect to people who are trying to look things from a different perspective.

    I'm not a bandwagonist, i dont go with the flow. I refuse to be in the crowd filled with anger and hatred. To be negative and stay that way is easier, hands down! We are define by the choices we made so i choose to stay positive. =D

    I felt sorry to people who fail to see the bigger picture

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