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  1. It's not over

    Saturday, May 21, 2011

    So... Bye bye Masterchef. My husband went to it's audition in KDU. To be honest, I am disappointed with their way of judging. I mean this is a cooking show but the final say for the first audition rest in the hand of the personality judges.

    If a person can sell his cooking but fail to 'sell' himself then he fail to proceed to the next stage.

    Well. That's just sucks. All three chef judges gave such approving comments about his cooking. especially about his home-made pasta, which to me is perfect. The chefs even anticipated to see him again for the cook-off where supposedly if he passed the first audition, he needs to cook the same dish in front of the judges within an hour.

    imagine his horror when after all these compliments, all the excitement he faced in the first audition room were crushed when the second room judges (which we guessed were consist of people from Astro) rejected him. Two of them said no, without even glancing at his dish. The only judge who said yes is the only one tasted his dish.

    It's really really hard to digest all these, you cant understand what it feels like rejected boldly after all these while I had been watching him cook passionately everyday, listening to him talk about food any chance he got and most of all dreaming together of all the wonderfull things he will be able to learn from the chef judges if he's in the programme.

    Do you how expensive it is to enroll in a professional cooking class?

    Well, but that's that. I actually persuaded him to email them asking whether the cook off invitation on Sunday by the chefs are valid, but they said no. But if he wants to try again he can come tomorrow and go through the process again.

    We discussed, as much as I want him to be in the programme, I couldn't resist the thoughts of maybe God has other plans for him. Maybe it's His way of saying he's worth more than just being a reality TV show winner. I know he's great with cooking, I got over 20 kilos of prove hahaha and with the chef judges compliments to reassure that, I guess he prefer to stick with what had happened instead of trying to prove himself of something obviously already great.

    My husband is not a joker and he certainly is a very quiet man. He's observant, which I think what makes him a great cook. If his timid personality that cost him his Masterchef dream then I think it's not worth pursuing. Don't you think?

    However, I will not deny that a certain part of me still wants him to go and try again, not to win the second room judges over but to let the chef judges know that he's serious about his cooking passion.

    I don't know. I'm sure you notice the contradiction in everything I've written but well I am human, it's very hard to resist on being imperfect.

    The most disappointing thing ever to me about Masterchef Malaysia is that they sort of focus on famous people like Ary Malik and Zery Zamry, I think Ary is or was an actress (I don't watch TV) and Zery Zamry was previously on another reality TV show (Project Runway)

    These people made real good bucks, I'm not sure about Ary Malik but Zery Zamry is a successful fashion designer.

    Again I know you probably think I'm ranting because my husband didnt get through and I am probably eating my heart out trying to point his failure on to others. Well, I actually don't care what you think... ahahaha... I never had any problem with people disagreeing with my way of saying things and I shouldn't start now kan? :p

    Well, that's about it... it's too depressing to be discussing about this whole Masterchef affair.

    My husband is totally calm and content, it's really funny actually. I mean everyone around him, are frustrated and angry with the programme but he's just... well.. being himself. He seems to not affected, not that i surprised... I know him. Unlike me, he's actually the last person you'd imagine offended by this whole thing.

    If it was me rejected because of my personality I will be damn furious. I mean who are you to judge whether or not my personality suits your TV show!!! Tapi there, it's obvious... It's THEIR TV SHOW... I guess they hand-picked persons who they think can sell the programme.

    Just look at Akademi Fantasia... aha!!! It's all drama lah...

    OK OK... I'll stop.

    Sorry if anybody offended by this post, this is merely my thoughts out loud. Posting them online kinda give me a satisfaction... a some sort of relieve if there's others who agree. or not.

    anyway. wish us luck with everything else. bye.
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