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  1. Im not multi-tasker

    Thursday, July 15, 2010

    I terminated my friendship with streamyx to embrace my new BFF, Unifi. Well, it was started as an affair for the first week and everything seems perfect until the day I end my relationship with streamyx.

    Apahal aku ni?

    Anyway, from Thursday 1st July approximately 8pm I have no connection to the world until the next week Wednesday 7th July. I only have few days left before I leave for PD on Friday. Then, Monday my journey as a full time student started and my house is a mess.

    I have limited time allocated for blogging and facebooking. I don’t care about the latter but my wedding blog seems almost barren. Don’t you think?
    Nah… Just forget about it.

    Let’s think about Alexander Petrovsky.

    Aaahhhhh… Isn’t he the cutest? YES!!!

    I have lost a few Kgs and guys started to notice me now, and that is not good. Well, it’s good for me but horrible news for him. I kind of like it actually. Say me whatever, but I do love the attention sometimes, why the hell do you think we women spends so much on appearance? Duh…

    I hope I can control myself. Behave Azara Nur!! Behave!!

    I have no more time to be fooling around. For everyone’s sake.
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    1. Lady of Leisure said...

      bestnya dah turun kg... lady jugak yg makin naik..

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