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  1. Food and friends: The two F

    Thursday, July 8, 2010

    Can you imagine life without nasi? laksa? pasta? Well... That's me...

    I've ended it though last Saturday by organising a party welcoming the new me :) huahaha. That was not the whole reason but just keep it that...

    Since I left the house for this whole semester break, the house is a total disaster. So after more than 7 big garbage bag of mess, friends started coming and I am a wreck. Time is what we lacked of. Both of us. My beloved, handsome, romantic fiancé cooked for the party. Siapa lagi? huahaha... He still helping me with the kitchen while I was just finished cleaning the floor.

    Kas and Pow arrived first, as usual :) hehehe. They helped with put away stuff that aren't supposed to be... minutes later, Ikhwan, Ikmal's lil brother arrived with Yana his wife. We chatted for a while when I realise that I needed a shower so badly *tak mandi dari pagi*

    While I'm in the shower Chaq and Punk came. So I presented my pristine self and we started to mingle. The funny things all the girls were chatting while all the boys were in the kitchen.

    We were all too excited catching up that we forgot to snap some pics. Bummer! But enjoy some of the food he made before I end my diet last week and the most delicious Tiramisu he made for the party *what was left of it*




    Don't you just love man that cooks??? Yummy!!!
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  2. 4 comments:

    1. annfrendly said...

      sangat terliur...
      tiramisu n Scallop tu amat menggoda..

    2. ZARA said...

      indeed ann. sangat sedap. bila saya dah dapat rumah besar saya jemput awak datang makan. rumah saya 850sqf je. sangat sempit.

    3. Lady of Leisure said...

      sedapnya scallop tuuuu...

    4. ZARA said...

      lady: nyum nyum... sedap sedap!

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