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    Monday, June 14, 2010

    Do you know that Law of Attraction really works???

    "Kau tau tak kucing kau koyakkan drawing final aku yang besar? seriously pasni kau keluarkan la kucing ni. Aku dan tak tahan. Sry"

    This SMS sent by my sister Amiza Nur at around 1.06am today

    When I read it 6am this morning, I was a bit furious that all she did was complain, complain and complain... My room which was mine since I was probably 7 is inhabited by my sis Anisah Nur.

    I have my own place in Sunway. Which I love because I can keep all my wonderful children with me. I care about them. I care about them more than I care about him. Cats are my life.

    My mom always complain of why I seldom balik Melaka, well... u may think its because of Ikmal, but its not... partially maybe but its not the whole reason.

    I hate to be parted from my kids... I hate that they will not be taken care of by me... their potty, food, drinks...

    "Pay me 150 rggt. Kucing kau baru lepas pecahkan Polaroid aku. thank you very much"

    I receive this 8.12am... There u go... the universe is saying "your wish is my command" You hate the cats, and u kept complaining about them... and that is what you'll get... more reason to hate them...

    2mins later my mom called saying Amiza nangis...


    It seems that our relationship as sisters is not as important as your Polaroid..
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  2. 3 comments:

    1. farahfatihah said...

      alamak dear..siannyer u...amik je they all to duk ngan u..=)

    2. Lady of Leisure said...

      kesian u.. i faham... kalau kita boleh ada dengan anak2 kita 24 jam pun kita sanggup kan...

    3. ZARA said...

      Farah fatihah: air dicincang takkan putus... i dah baik dah ngan my sis... hhuhu

      Lady: betul... i dont mind being their slave... kuikui

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