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  1. Happy Abah's Day

    Sunday, June 20, 2010

    Wonder where the cake is from?

    Its The Velvet Rouge from That Last Slice


    Mama just can't stop eating it....

    Happy Abah's Day, Abah...

    You are the greatest Dad :)
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  2. 6 comments:

    1. Lady of Leisure said...

      omg nampak sedapnya cake tu... anyway happy father's day to alllll...

    2. ZARA said...

      mmg sedap :)

    3. annfrendly said...

      sangat sweet sambut fathers day sekeluarga dengan cake yang cute..

    4. bitsANDpieces said...

      i have never taste red velvet cakes before. it looks so sedap. hurm. mesti cuba!

    5. ZARA said...

      ann: that cake mmg sedap!!!

      bitsANDpieces: u have to try. so far the best is from a slice of heaven by just heavenly. just try cupcake red velvet dia RM7.90 per pcs. VERY expensive tapi sedap.

      2nd best That Last Slice, on9 cake shop. based kat bkt jelutong. SANGAT SEDAP and not so expensive.

      I tgh survey2 kedai lain lagi. sbb ingat nak tempah utk wedding cake. :D

    6. Aishah said...

      Awww thank u again zara! Glad to be part of the list ;)

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