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  1. Kesian

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    Pity a neighbor's cat. Kena halau keluar rumah. I was about to go out one day and I saw a about 3 or 4 month old cat lying in front of my neighbor's house. I know they own about 5 or 6 cats and most of them are like Friskies orange cat. I went back in the house and bagi makan sikit, and clean water.

    Malam tu I put the kitten in a pet carrier and bawa masuk bilik to sleep with me, sebab takut kucing lain kacau dia. The kitten is not well you know, dia macam tempang-tempang, tak larat nak jalan. Kesian sangat. How could owner dia halau dia keluar rumah.

    At least tunggu lah dia sihat sikit. Letak kat pasar ke. At least ada makanan. Ni halau keluar rumah. Rumah apartment pulak tu. So irresponsible. Anyway. The kitten is better now. Semalam dia dah start jalan. Lega sikit. For now the kitten is staying with us until a proper home is located for it.

    Kemungkinan besar Ikmal's sister-in-law nak. We'll see.
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