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    Tuesday, March 2, 2010

    I just started working on Media Law last week. Went through hell and back. I'm worried. Damn worried. People know me would know how fussy and thorough I am. Especially on plagiarism. I hate people plagiarise. If it is individual assignment, I wont use my blog as my punching bag.

    I have maybe 4 preggers in the house. So if you are looking for adoption, you can contact me via email You do know I'm talking about cats right?

    Tapir is moody ALL THE TIME. Especially when Bulma is around. There can never be peace in this home, not while both of them still here. Someone have to go. And it will never be Tapir. Never. Ever.

    Jakarta trip would be interesting. One bad apple will probably ruin the whole trip. I have to gather all self-motivational books I can get, so I wont spoil my own mood. First thing on my list after all assignments are done: Read 7 habits. I've read the teenage version when I was 16, now I'm 26 it is more than appropriate if i start reading the adult version. Huahaha...

    Have to go now. 2.30 class will start in one hour. Better get ready. Ya ALLAH. Help me get through this, please. Hope the Media Law final work is as good as what I imagine. Amin.
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  2. 2 comments:

    1. Ikmal said...

      buku tu dah kaler kuning dah, muka Covey pun dah macam orang asli

    2. ZARA said...

      sabau le. banyak kot kije. :p

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