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  1. Tidoq

    Tuesday, March 9, 2010

    Everybody is sleeping. I repeat. Everybody.

    Puppy is sleeping on the front door's door mat. Tapir is sleeping underneath the clothes drying rack at the living room. Goku is sleeping on the floor beside the living room sofa. Cici is sleeping on the sofa. Burma is sleeping underneath another clothes drying rack near the balcony. Goten is sleeping on the living room computer table leaning against wireless modem (Which will fall anytime soon). Gohan is sleeping at the front door, leaning against the door. So two at the front, four in the living room and another one at the balcony area. What a sight.

    I love my babies. I soon to be a great grandmother now that Goku and Gohan are pregnant. I rub Gohan tummy yesterday and I can feel the baby moving... Aarrgghhh.... Cant wait for the baby to come out... So sad that I have to give them away. Sigh.

    I already have seven now, and I cant afford anymore babies. So if you think of adopting a baby cat. let me know. Or if you prefer adult cat, I only have one to let go, Bulma. I love him but we cannot have two male in one house, they fight everyday. Bulma is of course stronger than my love Tapir. So, Tapir as you can imagine got patches of hair torn everywhere. Pity him.

    Here is something I did, hehehe... Tapir is the loving son of Puppy and Coco. The rest is Cougar and Puppy's...
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  2. 6 comments:

    1. Senora Maz said...

      azara, panjangnyeh salasilah keluarga kucing..haha cute!

    2. Sarah Abd Rahim said...

      I'm a silent reader of yours and I love, love, LOVE your cats!! Especially Cougar.. ;)

    3. shada JD said...

      aku nakkkkk!
      but my house also gotone big fat black cat belongs to my bro so tak boleh bela lain kang kucing itam tu buat sepah taik merata nnt kucing i plak kene tuduh!

      i seriously want kitten!shooooot!
      wish bf aku duk umah sendiri cuz dia pencinta cats hohoho.

    4. Anonymous said...

      Yantie, bertambah panjang dengan kehadiran 4 lagi new borns.

      Sarah, we have 4 kittens to give away... interested?

      Shada, ada nih baru lahir!!! lagi 2 or bulan dah ready utk bg orang. boleh reserve.... huahaha...

    5. Sarah Abd Rahim said...

      Ala.. I would love to babe.. But we live in a condo and I ada 2 ekor pun I dah rasa kesian cos diorang takde garden to play in.. =(

    6. Anonymous said...


      Tu lah, I pon kesian kat my cats. Im looking for a house to move in after kahwin. No apartments, flats or condo. A real home for my cats... cant wait.

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