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  1. Poison

    Friday, March 5, 2010

    A slow death poison actually. That should describe my yesterday. I greet people good day, instead im having a bad one. Yesterday.

    Everyone knows how strict Ms Baby is about punctuality. I woke up at 6 yet couldn't find enough time to do everything. Arrive at UiTM at 8.30am, there's no parking spot, not even a small space to selit my kancil. 5 mins of pusing-pusing the congested, double parked parking area, I decided to go elsewhere. Ikmal's mom is a dentist at dentistry faculty in front of my faculty so i parked there.

    I ran as fast as my leg can. Ngam ngam settled down Ms Baby came in. Alhamdullillah.

    Habis class Ami call, "Kak, keta kau MAQ X3X3 kan?" aku pon, "a'ah. kena clamp ke mi?" Takpelah, I don't think she has to answer that. The moment she call and ask me about my car number I can guess already. BAD DAY!

    That was around 12.30pm to 1pm, I have an appointment with Mulpha International at 3pm. Damn it. So I left the car there. As Im writing this, my baby is still there... ALONE... Kesian dia...

    And all these incidents happened because I had negative thoughts and feelings recently. Aarrgghhh... It is actually tiring to hate people. I hate it when I had to hate people.

    I hate myself because I hate a few somebodies... Confrontation my friend is the best solution for me. I have these urge to tell that few somebodies how I felt because it will really help me push away the negative feelings. I maybe will do it tomorrow.

    I actually don't hate them, just a bit disappointed. Like having a not so good mango, u take it, peeled and remove the bad side. Only take the good portion. I usually practice that in any relationship, I'm not saying I'm a saint. but i just like to see the good side of people first.

    Azara Nur: "Azara Nur, I think u better ask for serenity from God now. Shooohhh... Amek lah air sembahyang."

    Azara Nur: "baiklah"
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