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  1. More kittens

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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    Goku's very loud meow woke me up this morning. She was panting. I knew that instant she's having her babies. She is always been a loner, a bit distant from human. So I carefully lure her into a carrier which I prepared last night especially for her delivery.

    As she went inside the carrier, I heard baby's cry. I look in the carrier, none. I try looking for the source of the cry. Ya Allah, I found her baby soaking wet (in blood) somewhere below my cloth cabinet. I pick up the baby and give it to her. I then cover the carrier with a blanket so she could enjoy some privacy.

    Gohan handle this labour process far better. She meow to express her pain, I prepare a comfortable place to deliver, and she delivered the babies. Quietly.

    Unlike Goku. She had been meowing since the day Gohan delivered. But only delivered today dekat ntah mana-mana ntah.

    Anyway. Goku has 3 babies. For now. Better looking than Gohan's babies. Also to give away. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks.
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  2. 4 comments:

    1. Lady of Leisure said...

      comelnya... suka tgk cara u take care all of them... may Allah bless u...

    2. shada JD said...

      i can't take it lah.want it lah adoi!
      nnt kucing abang aku makan hohoho

    3. Anonymous said...

      Lady, cats are part of me. I am honored to be serving them. :)

    4. Anonymous said...


      4 ekor yang anak gohan tu dah fully reserve. yang lagi 3 ni dah ada potential. hikhik. bunyi cam niaga budak tak? huahaha

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