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  1. How I wish

    Tuesday, March 9, 2010

    How I wish to have a simple, sweet, beautiful wedding ceremony. Why must we invite so many people who I think more than half of them I don't really know. We (ikmal and me) imagine what would it be like to have just 100 people coming to our wedding reception, mingle around with the people you do know instead a bunch of strangers.

    I talk to my mom again about the wedding guest,"Ma, cam mana eh? Can we cut the guest list to maybe 100-200?" Mama kata,"Susah lah za, nanti ada yang kecik hati tak jemput pulak." hurm. Ish... Rimas lah. Anyway, whatever it is... Already segregate task to everyone. Everybody is to submit their report to me by this week.

    Abah: Garden makeover
    Mama: Guest list
    Anisah: Garden makeover sketch/plan
    Amiza: Wedding Invitation
    Ikmal: Kursus Kahwin
    Azara: Berangan
    Ami: Guest list
    Fid: Guest list

    All the plan from A to Z is in my head, I will try to encode everything in .docx by this weekend. After I finish my assignment. weeeeee...
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