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  1. Abah is 49 today. Went back Melaka around noon. Started working on my assignment due 8.30am since 3am which was as soon as I reach home from Melaka. Tired. Damn tired.

    Abah is 49 today. Instead of receiving a gift from me, he gave me one. A gift I much appeciated. LOVE.

    Mama invite Datuk Ahmad Hamzah (his BFF, haha). He was shocked. We all thought he figured out that we are celebrating his birthday last night. Rupanya, dia tak sangka pon. Comel giler muka dia masa tu.

    Anyway, Abah... I hope you know that we love you VERY, VERY much... Especially ME. My life sucks real bad without you in it. You are the richest man I know, and that is important. Hehehe...

    Lastly. Abah. You are the number one man I love. Ikmal Second. And it will stay that way forever. :)

    Happy Birthday to You ABAH! Next Year you'll be 50! and the celebration will be more bizarre! Hehehehe...
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