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  1. Busy weekend

    Tuesday, March 30, 2010

    I had a busy weekend, very busy actually. Had no time for myself. When I was about to spend some time to myself, another event coming up. We are off to Jakarta tomorrow. Have to be at LCCT around 5am. Sigh. Malas gile nak pergi Jakarta. Malas nak pergi mana-mana. Especially kalau Ikmal tak ikut. Sigh.

    I haven't pack. I malas nak pack. Arrgghhh... Anyway, there's only one thing about Jakarta that I am excited about. Tanah Abang. Huhuhu. Mama suruh tengok kan harga lace kat Tanah Abang because we want to compare it with lace kat Pasar Baru, Bandung.

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  2. 7-1=14-1

    Wednesday, March 24, 2010

    Goku had 3 children right. Just this morning, I saw one one them are headless. The rest M.I.A. Few minutes of searching, found them with Goku. Called vet, asking advise. She said its normal for mother to eat their kitten if they feel that kitten is not fit, will not survived, not healthy or died. Still, agak geli to see the kitten headless body lying in my side table drawer.

    A bit later in the afternoon, after I had gather my strength, I go to my room with the intention to clean the crime scene, but na-da. No sign of the headless kitten. Rasanya Goku dah makan licin. Aaaahhhhh geli!!!

    A bit worried of Gohan. Takut dia pon ada kitten tak sihat ke. I dont know. Tapi yang paling kelakar tadi, Puppy (Gohan's mom) kidnapped Gohan's kitten to the kitchen. I think in a way the kittens granny pun worried kot. Takut cucu dia yang lain pon kena makan. Pastu Gohan berebut anak dia balik dari mak dia. Dua kali pulak tu. Dia bawak ke dapur because masa tu I was washing dishes, so maybe Puppy nak suruh I tengokkan budak ni kot. I dont know. Macam-macam.
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  3. Tapir cedera

    Sunday, March 21, 2010

    Yes. You hear me right. Kesian dia. Went to Ikmal's friend wedding around noon. Then to Mertua's place. Came home around 8pm. Sampai je rumah dukung Tapir, but to my surprise as I was about to gosok perut dia, noticed a 50sen big wound at his lower tummy, near to his toot. I quickly put him in the carrier and brought to Sek13 Vet.

    As the vet cleaned his wound with antiseptic, dia ter-poo on the table. Kesian vet tu kena bersih kan. Pity Tapir as well because he was frighten. Dia memang sangat dalam ketakutan. As the vet clean poo dia, he went and hug me on the neck, his head rested on my shoulder, hiding between my hair. Ahhh... sebak sekarang.

    Anyway. His fine. Vet said sebab gaduh. Well, sape lagi yang suka gaduh ngan Tapir? Bulma lah. Sigh.

    Lagi satu cerita sedih. I had to let Bulma go. A friend's niece wanted a black male cat. Dah lama dia mintak Bulma. Tapi walaupun naughty Bulma tu, tak sampai hati nak let go of him. Sayang. Ikmal accused me of tamak, semua kucing tak nak let go. But actually they are like my children. I yang jadi bidan sambut diorang lahir. So, I had this bond with them. Sayang sangat.

    Akhirnya, Tapir's injury really make me come to a decision. Bulma has to go. My friend came this afternoon for Bulma. I try to keep my cool. As her car goes, so is my tears. I cant stop crying. I really love Bulma. If only I had a bigger house to keep all of my cats.

    Ok. That's it. I cannot go further on this. It just make things worst. I have to stop crying. Bye.
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  4. Him

    Thursday, March 18, 2010

    Look at his tired eyes.

    I don't care if he's not rich.
    As long as we share the same goal in life.

    I don't care if he's not Matthew Charles Sanders, Adam Lazzara or Eric Dane.
    Because I'm sure hell no Jessica Biel, Hayley Williams nor Scarlett Johansson.

    We had a little talk the other day, me and his mom. We both adore him. He is a wonderful person. He talk less, he listen more. A fast learner and kind hearted. Very proactive. Very positive. He seldom worry, about almost everything.

    I thank You GOD. Everyday. For guiding me to him.

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  5. More kittens

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    17032010919 copy

    Goku's very loud meow woke me up this morning. She was panting. I knew that instant she's having her babies. She is always been a loner, a bit distant from human. So I carefully lure her into a carrier which I prepared last night especially for her delivery.

    As she went inside the carrier, I heard baby's cry. I look in the carrier, none. I try looking for the source of the cry. Ya Allah, I found her baby soaking wet (in blood) somewhere below my cloth cabinet. I pick up the baby and give it to her. I then cover the carrier with a blanket so she could enjoy some privacy.

    Gohan handle this labour process far better. She meow to express her pain, I prepare a comfortable place to deliver, and she delivered the babies. Quietly.

    Unlike Goku. She had been meowing since the day Gohan delivered. But only delivered today dekat ntah mana-mana ntah.

    Anyway. Goku has 3 babies. For now. Better looking than Gohan's babies. Also to give away. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks.
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  6. 20MB Internet speed

    Tuesday, March 16, 2010

    My BF's TM account selected for the HIGH SPEED BROADBAND (HSBB) TRIALS

    Im now at his house testing how fast is 20MB. huahahahahahahaha. Best giler wei!!!!! Bukak youtube tak payah pause beb!!!!!!

    Ok enough of that. I have to go now. Tak baik anak dara lepak rumah mertua lama2. huahahahahahahahhahaahahha...

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  7. Pic taken here
    Pictures 099
    Hey uols.

    I forgot to tell u that i've quit eating white rice, sugar, and other types of carbs. My BF bought for me a 5kg of Somaly Brown Rice. It has the lowest carbs content among all other brands of brown rice (we compare each one of the brown rice on the shelves of Carrefour) My mother is using this brand as well.

    Saya suka.

    I mean, whenever I crave for Nasi. I go for Nasi Perang (betul ke?). Yummy... My BF said it's not too expensive actually. Its around RM28 for 5kgs. Is that expensive? I dont know.


    As for other carbs... I have my secret weapon... huahahaha... Introducing...

    Nutrilite CB Plus.

    I eat around 2-3 capsules before having my Char KuehTiaw. Yummy... A physician recommend this product to my mother because she has diabetes. my mother recommended it to me.

    It really works u know. Why I know this? Well, my mother had to test her blood every day before and after every meal. She has this blood testing device for testing sugar level. Before meal, she'll test her blood. Then, if she is having carbs-contain-meal, like Char KuehTiaw for instance, she take carbo-block first. After meal, at exactly 2 hours. She'll test her blood again. The result maintain. weeeeee....

    If you guys need more information on this product, let me know. hehehehe...
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  8. I hate media law. and anything to do with it. presentation at 2pm. sigh.
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  9. I just found Tapir look alike

    Since I haven't got approval from the owner of the cat for pics of her cat Bebe, you have to head over to her flickr account. She got tons of Tapir look alike pictures (Bebe)

    I always thought Tapir is special. He is indeed. We have other Tuxedo cats in Melaka, Felix, Happy and Baba. But not one of them have enormous feet like Tapir. Seriously. He has the biggest feet ever. Gebu pulak tu.

    Bebe is a female. Tapir is male. Huahahaha. I fell in love with Bebe.

    Here are photos of Tapir

    one month old Tapir (November 2008)

    four month old Tapir (February 2009)

    Tapir happy with new brother and sisters. (April 2009)

    Tapir on duty. (April 2009)

    His favourite pose (June 2009)

    Tapir showing off his studded collar (July 2009)

    Tapir showing off his studded collar (July 2009)

    Tapir with everyone favourite pillow(September 2009)

    Another fovourite pose (September 2009)

    Tapir and lavender (October 2009)

    Another side of Tapir, PENCURI AYAM! (October 2009)

    Another side of Tapir, PENCURI AYAM! (October 2009)

    Happy, another Tuxedo cat.

    Felix, another one.

    I dont have pic of Baba. And Tapir's latest pics. Again, I miss my D80!!!
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  10. Good friends are hard to find, Great help is even more difficult to find.

    My Ikmal started working with his current company somewhere in November 2006. He started from the bottom of the food chain. Around one year later, he became the Product Specialist. A year after his promotion, he got another promotion. He is now the Manager.

    The problem is. Most of his staffs are his friend, they started working together since they were at the bottom of the food chain. He is not yet at the top of the food chain, so he must be the predator so to not be attack by other predators.

    I pity him sometimes. I try to assist him in any way possible, any time available. He even skip lunch sometimes. Kesian my Ikmal.
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  11. Newborn

    Monday, March 15, 2010


    As promised. Here are pictures of them. These was taken around 9pm 13/3(Saturday). 30mins after they were born. (The first two babies)




    These pics pulak was taken around 6am 14/3(Sunday). When I left the house around 10pm 13/3(Saturday) there were only two. I came back around 6am 14/3(Sunday), there were four. hurm.




    Woke up around noon. Check on the babies. Still four. hehehe. Phew. Here are shots of them.


    Yang belang belang ni Soraya Farah punya. Dia dah reserve.




    Later around evening around 6pm, tiada kerja saya ini.






    And dears... are taken today. Before I went to bed. which is around 2am. :)



    Aren't they the sweetest... most adorable. Anybody interested to adopt, let me know. But you have to wait for maybe 2 or 3 month. Okie Dowkie.
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  12. How I miss my D80. Amiza Nur, Atiza Nur, Anisah Nur. Habiskan lah shoot owlSisters. Aku nak guna camera aku.
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  13. I always wanted twins. I got a pair, this is a story about them.

    Salem and Goten

    They were always together. I was there during the labour, they came out together. In one push. I actually cannot differentiate the two. All I know is one light shaded, but you have to closely examine them. Memang susah.



    They sleep together, play together eat together.






    They also do weird things together. Like this one, I bought a scented candle from Ikea. They were so curious... hahaha... Anyway, they really love the smell of candles.




    One of them just gave birth last Saturday. Gohan. The youngest among the 5 siblings. I cannot afford more cats... I have to give them away... Hopefully their foster parents will love them like we love their mom. sigh.

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  14. Great grandmother

    Sunday, March 14, 2010

    Gohan delivered to four cute little babies around 8.30pm. will update more on this later. I'm a happy great grandmother
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  15. Unstoppable

    Wednesday, March 10, 2010

    Watched CSI: Crime Scene Investigation today. Rascal Flatts featured in this episode (Season 10 EP 14). Love the song they played in the show. You guys should listen to it... It's really good.

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  16. Tidoq

    Tuesday, March 9, 2010

    Everybody is sleeping. I repeat. Everybody.

    Puppy is sleeping on the front door's door mat. Tapir is sleeping underneath the clothes drying rack at the living room. Goku is sleeping on the floor beside the living room sofa. Cici is sleeping on the sofa. Burma is sleeping underneath another clothes drying rack near the balcony. Goten is sleeping on the living room computer table leaning against wireless modem (Which will fall anytime soon). Gohan is sleeping at the front door, leaning against the door. So two at the front, four in the living room and another one at the balcony area. What a sight.

    I love my babies. I soon to be a great grandmother now that Goku and Gohan are pregnant. I rub Gohan tummy yesterday and I can feel the baby moving... Aarrgghhh.... Cant wait for the baby to come out... So sad that I have to give them away. Sigh.

    I already have seven now, and I cant afford anymore babies. So if you think of adopting a baby cat. let me know. Or if you prefer adult cat, I only have one to let go, Bulma. I love him but we cannot have two male in one house, they fight everyday. Bulma is of course stronger than my love Tapir. So, Tapir as you can imagine got patches of hair torn everywhere. Pity him.

    Here is something I did, hehehe... Tapir is the loving son of Puppy and Coco. The rest is Cougar and Puppy's...
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  17. How I wish to have a simple, sweet, beautiful wedding ceremony. Why must we invite so many people who I think more than half of them I don't really know. We (ikmal and me) imagine what would it be like to have just 100 people coming to our wedding reception, mingle around with the people you do know instead a bunch of strangers.

    I talk to my mom again about the wedding guest,"Ma, cam mana eh? Can we cut the guest list to maybe 100-200?" Mama kata,"Susah lah za, nanti ada yang kecik hati tak jemput pulak." hurm. Ish... Rimas lah. Anyway, whatever it is... Already segregate task to everyone. Everybody is to submit their report to me by this week.

    Abah: Garden makeover
    Mama: Guest list
    Anisah: Garden makeover sketch/plan
    Amiza: Wedding Invitation
    Ikmal: Kursus Kahwin
    Azara: Berangan
    Ami: Guest list
    Fid: Guest list

    All the plan from A to Z is in my head, I will try to encode everything in .docx by this weekend. After I finish my assignment. weeeeee...
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  18. Budak kecik

    Monday, March 8, 2010

    This is a post from my sister's blog

    Time Kecik-kecik

    Masa saya sekolah rendah dlu kami bela kuda. Betul,ni bukan cerita ‘gebang’. Yang macam dalam gambar ni,namanya horsie,yang jantannya pula,namanya merdeka( sempena merdeka day). And diorang pon fuck,dapat satu anak jantan,diberi nama aragon(inspired by lord of the ring). Tapi semua kuda sudah mati. Satu demi satu. Nak cerita,tapi panjang sangat ceritanya,takut awak tido nanti.Kuda itu ditanam dihalaman rumah. Lubang yang dikorek pula menggunakan jentolak berwana kuning.Saya ingat merdeka pernah kejar nenek saya,sampai nenek jatuh.Nenek benci kuda yang berkeliaran di sekitar rumah. Tapi abah suka. Adik saya pula suka bagi horsie makan gula-gula berangin hacks. Dan juga ais krim! Saya sangat famous disekolah rendah dulu dulu sbb saya cucu asnah and family saya bela kuda.

    Actually we are all famous because we are cucu benah... asnah is my grandma real name but they call her benah. Kinda miss Merdeka, Horsie and Aragorn too.
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  19. Poison

    Friday, March 5, 2010

    A slow death poison actually. That should describe my yesterday. I greet people good day, instead im having a bad one. Yesterday.

    Everyone knows how strict Ms Baby is about punctuality. I woke up at 6 yet couldn't find enough time to do everything. Arrive at UiTM at 8.30am, there's no parking spot, not even a small space to selit my kancil. 5 mins of pusing-pusing the congested, double parked parking area, I decided to go elsewhere. Ikmal's mom is a dentist at dentistry faculty in front of my faculty so i parked there.

    I ran as fast as my leg can. Ngam ngam settled down Ms Baby came in. Alhamdullillah.

    Habis class Ami call, "Kak, keta kau MAQ X3X3 kan?" aku pon, "a'ah. kena clamp ke mi?" Takpelah, I don't think she has to answer that. The moment she call and ask me about my car number I can guess already. BAD DAY!

    That was around 12.30pm to 1pm, I have an appointment with Mulpha International at 3pm. Damn it. So I left the car there. As Im writing this, my baby is still there... ALONE... Kesian dia...

    And all these incidents happened because I had negative thoughts and feelings recently. Aarrgghhh... It is actually tiring to hate people. I hate it when I had to hate people.

    I hate myself because I hate a few somebodies... Confrontation my friend is the best solution for me. I have these urge to tell that few somebodies how I felt because it will really help me push away the negative feelings. I maybe will do it tomorrow.

    I actually don't hate them, just a bit disappointed. Like having a not so good mango, u take it, peeled and remove the bad side. Only take the good portion. I usually practice that in any relationship, I'm not saying I'm a saint. but i just like to see the good side of people first.

    Azara Nur: "Azara Nur, I think u better ask for serenity from God now. Shooohhh... Amek lah air sembahyang."

    Azara Nur: "baiklah"
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  20. Interesting Today

    Thursday, March 4, 2010

    Bought tixs for AIW this Saturday. As Ikmal puts it 'Its like a date, you and me'. Hehehe... Yeah... a date!

    Interesting The Star article. There's more... but these two caught my attention. :)

    Have a nice day everyone...
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