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  1. What a scare

    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    Tapir and me, experience something terrifying just now. I am a lazy cow today like any other day, so I didn't cook. I ordered Pizza Hut. When the delivery guy arrive, I took the time to feed the kids first so they wont go out and greet the delivery guy like they usually will do.

    Thinking that they are enjoying the food, I open the door to take my food and out of nowhere they ran out of the house to my front neighbour doorstep, smelling and scanning.

    I yelled at both Tapir and Puppy to go inside, only Puppy went in, Tapir is still there, ignoring my call. That's what you get for spoiling your children. I then had to went inside for a moment to keep the food, suddenly i heard my neighbour on the left opens his door, so I rushed out of the house hoping that Tapir will not mistaken that opening door as his house.

    As I turn to my neighbour's house, I saw Tapir is attempting to go inside and my Indian neighbour is screaming and throwing things at Tapir. OH my God, I panicked because my neighbour opened his door with only towel hanging at his hip and it drop when he was chasing Tapir out. Luckily I didn't wear my spectacles or I would have seen his *toot*. Still I was embarrassed and he quickly covers them and close the door.

    He told me from inside the house something about the door being opened. I thought he asked me to open my door so Tapir will run towards it, so I went back to my house and opened my door despite thinking the action as useless. Because my house is beside his, I don't think Tapir can see the door is open.

    Anyway, Tapir was still in front of my neighbour's house traumatised. Most of the houses in my apartment installed grill, so there's gap between the door and the grill, that's where Tapir stayed without moving an inch. I cannot reach him so I tried calling him, but he was just too scared to move.

    I saw an Indian lady coming from the stairs and she was coming towards me, turns out she came to see my neighbour(Probably my neighbours GF or Wife as I heard her calling my neighbour sayang). She told me that the grill isn't locked and she opens it for me, so I went in and took Tapir. I can feel his heartbeat and his shivering body. Kesian tapir.

    I put him down and he ran towards his favourite spot and sit quietly. I took my food and eat, usually he will sit in front of me and beg for some of the food I'm having, but not this time. he just starred at the door for about 10 to 15 minutes. After that he became his old self.

    When I think about it again, it is quite amusing. Especially the part when my neighbour's towel dropped and when he told me something about door being opened. He meant his house grill. At first I wondered why he didnt just went out and tell me, then I remembered his towel. Hahaha.
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  2. 2 comments:

    1. hello kamu. blogwalking. thanks for dropping by my blog ek. eh, nice blog. i think we gonna share the same aaniversary sOon. weeee 10 months 1 week to go! lets rawk the world girl!


    2. ZARA said...

      Hello lynda. Same tarikh eh? 1st Jan 2011 is it? kuang kuang. u buat kat mana? Its more like cracking than rocking. tak buat apa pon lagi nih. hihi

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