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  1. Too MUCH (for my reference) kihkih

    Monday, February 22, 2010

    Truth to be told. We don't have any experience on organising event. Surprisingly, my mother expects 6thousand people will come. I was speechless. I ask,"Ma, where did u get the number from?" Mama said,"Invitation card will be 3thousand, takkan every card represent one person, mesti dia bawa partner or family." Ok fine... still... Ramai nya... Sempat ke??? Muat ke???

    We have quite big area, but semak everywhere. We really need a garden makeover. Takutnya... I know my dad will want to make everything himself... Scary... Masalahnya, I dont think my dad will have all the time in the world to spend. Aduh. My mother and I were thinking of adding some more tress, big shady trees. I am thinking of putting our wedding photo booth for guest under the tree. Aahhh... What a breeze feeling... With all the lights wrap around the trees and dangling down the branches... Tak sabarnya... Silap-silap aku ajer dok posing kat booth tu. hik hik.

    I purposely download google earth to show kawasan rumah aku bentuk tapak kaki. Bodoh betul. Pentas will be infront of Mama Karipap Projek punya building. Which will be in front of pokok durian. Bawah pentas will be install dance floor for our first dance and JOGET LAMBAK!!! hahaha...Makan-makan will be at Bujang Lapok House area. The whole lot there. Kandang kuda and paddock will be demolish. So that whole area is for the F&B tent. I think that whole lot is enough for F&B. The map is taken on 2003, the highway moved further from our house, so in case tak cukup tent gak, we can add some more along the abandon road in front of our house. Brilliant.

    Ok back to main topic. The 6thousand guest. My mom told me that there will be two session for the kenduri.

    First session is for all Orang Kampung Sungai Petai (my kampung), it starts at 4.30pm until before Maghrib. Followed by the Second session after Maghrib until the next day. Hahaha... Par-tey!!!

    Second Session is for Family and Friends. My mother justify the 6thousand guest as
    01. My dad Chinese family(Atuk side)
    02. My Dad Malay family (Nenek side)
    03. My dad chinese schoolmates
    04. My dad's friends
    05. My dad 3 sisters with their children and grandchildren
    06. My mother Family (Atuk and Opah side all from Perak)
    07. My mother siblings with their children and grandchildren
    08. My mother Friends (UMNO, USAHANITA, DEWANITA, etc)
    09. My mother UiTM friends
    10. Relatives from Brunei
    11. My Stepmother family
    12. Amar (my bro) Friends
    13. Atiza (my sis) friends (which some also my friend)
    14. Amiza (my sis) friends
    15. Anisah (my sis)friends
    16. Ardini and Ardina (my sis) if their friends from Singapore can come
    17. My UiTM Diploma friends
    18. My UiTM Degree friends
    19. My Tesco friends
    20. My Jisna and BackInMotion friends
    21. My MGHS friends
    22. My SRJK(C) friends
    23. My other friends
    and the list goes on...

    Mak datok. This list have to be listed in detail. So nobody is missed.
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  2. 4 comments:

    1. Lady of Leisure said...

      wow 6ribu tu ramai juga yer.. lady dalam 1 ribu org datang sbb buat kecil kecilan je hehe...
      takpe, im sure everything will go on smoothly... :)

    2. ZARA said...

      Tu ar Lady, macam ada ke orang lain buat sampai 6ribu? kan? *still nervous*

    3. shada JD said...

      kau tak ajak aku mmg kau bukan TBB!

      darling,expect for more lah..sbb klu sket mcm susah klu tak cukup makanan and space to mingle around org pun balik awal.

      if terlebih food,all ppl can still tapau what.mcm aku hahaha.
      i mean yeah.expect for more.

      maybe 5K kot if dari pagi sampai mlm kan.siap ada joget lambak eh eh tak sabarnyaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    4. ZARA said...

      TBB, aku tak ajak kau, aku gile tau. hehehe... 5k ke 6k ke ni sume early prediction. macam orang takde keje lain pulak nak datang wedding aku kan. baik tido kat rumah lagi best. hahaha.

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