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  1. My own Backyard

    Tuesday, February 9, 2010

    I dont have a backyard, what we have is side and frontyard. Huahaha... People who have been to my house knows. Here are some sceneries of my house, before and after renovation, and Im sure there will be more renovation after this.

    The Kandang Kuda is in our sideyard(i dont think this word exist)

    This is a picture of our sideyard(is there any other word for it?)

    Here are some pictures of us taken using my D80, they are all taken by me, an amateur. So I will be looking for photographers with excellent night photography skill.

    These Pictures pulak was taken here

    Do you guys get the picture? I know I do. Wah... I do!!!
    Ahhhhh.... doesnt it look wonderful???
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  2. 3 comments:

    1. ZARA said...

      lama jeman punya SLR. bought when it first came out. Sekarang uzur dah camera tu.

    2. ReD MaryJane said...

      if possible go for jessica claire!! heeeee i just heart her arts!!! if not go for udey ismail

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