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    Monday, February 8, 2010

    I've cancelled my Facebook account. Although it's been awhile since I last log in but still its better to just deactivate it so to avoid distraction. Somebody downloaded The Sims3 World Adventure using my PC and I did try to install it but a failure and I ended up playing The Sims3 these couple of days resulting to absence of updates on my blog.

    I promise myself to not play Sims again, unless all assignments and house chores are done. Anyway, my Sims are dead, now I'm playing their son and daughter-in-law, with one granddaughter and grandson. Phew... Temptation.

    School as usual sucks. Sometimes I just wish there's Chinese in UiTM so I don't have to befriend Malays... Oops... Statement melampau. Maaf.

    It is very hard to deny that we are indeed left behind. Not all Malays are the same, most of us already mixed with other race. Yesterday, we (ikmal and me) went to Amway Achievement Rally, most of the Amway Lou and Po are Chinese. Amway business is most suitable to them because they are hardworking and Amway is about that, if you are hardworking you'll be successful, you'll go Diamond.

    We want to be like them. I know it is possible, we are all human regardless the race isn't it not? I am already 26, I know what I want in life and I will go hunt for it. Jia You!!

    Afterwards, we went to Showru to have our dinner. During dinner, he told me something funny. It is funny, I laugh my head off, he is looking for a new engineer for his department and he ask the HR people to look for Non-Malay with at least one year experience. Hahaha. I told him, "Sayang, dah la Non-Malay tak nak hire Malay, u Malay pon tak nak hire Malay?"

    I have to say, I pity him. He always tells me, "Arwah En Murad use to have me, but I don't have me. If only I can duplicate me". Though the statement is a bit angkat bakul but it's true. There a only a few people in his department that he can count on, the rest are all a bunch of whiner. they always complain of too much work, yet they went back at exactly 6pm. End of the month, look at the salary, whine some more. When u give shit, u got shit man! Try giving diamond, then probably you'll get Diamond.

    I'm a student. Yes I am.
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