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  1. Too MUCH (for my reference) kihkih

    Monday, February 22, 2010

    Truth to be told. We don't have any experience on organising event. Surprisingly, my mother expects 6thousand people will come. I was speechless. I ask,"Ma, where did u get the number from?" Mama said,"Invitation card will be 3thousand, takkan every card represent one person, mesti dia bawa partner or family." Ok fine... still... Ramai nya... Sempat ke??? Muat ke???

    We have quite big area, but semak everywhere. We really need a garden makeover. Takutnya... I know my dad will want to make everything himself... Scary... Masalahnya, I dont think my dad will have all the time in the world to spend. Aduh. My mother and I were thinking of adding some more tress, big shady trees. I am thinking of putting our wedding photo booth for guest under the tree. Aahhh... What a breeze feeling... With all the lights wrap around the trees and dangling down the branches... Tak sabarnya... Silap-silap aku ajer dok posing kat booth tu. hik hik.

    I purposely download google earth to show kawasan rumah aku bentuk tapak kaki. Bodoh betul. Pentas will be infront of Mama Karipap Projek punya building. Which will be in front of pokok durian. Bawah pentas will be install dance floor for our first dance and JOGET LAMBAK!!! hahaha...Makan-makan will be at Bujang Lapok House area. The whole lot there. Kandang kuda and paddock will be demolish. So that whole area is for the F&B tent. I think that whole lot is enough for F&B. The map is taken on 2003, the highway moved further from our house, so in case tak cukup tent gak, we can add some more along the abandon road in front of our house. Brilliant.

    Ok back to main topic. The 6thousand guest. My mom told me that there will be two session for the kenduri.

    First session is for all Orang Kampung Sungai Petai (my kampung), it starts at 4.30pm until before Maghrib. Followed by the Second session after Maghrib until the next day. Hahaha... Par-tey!!!

    Second Session is for Family and Friends. My mother justify the 6thousand guest as
    01. My dad Chinese family(Atuk side)
    02. My Dad Malay family (Nenek side)
    03. My dad chinese schoolmates
    04. My dad's friends
    05. My dad 3 sisters with their children and grandchildren
    06. My mother Family (Atuk and Opah side all from Perak)
    07. My mother siblings with their children and grandchildren
    08. My mother Friends (UMNO, USAHANITA, DEWANITA, etc)
    09. My mother UiTM friends
    10. Relatives from Brunei
    11. My Stepmother family
    12. Amar (my bro) Friends
    13. Atiza (my sis) friends (which some also my friend)
    14. Amiza (my sis) friends
    15. Anisah (my sis)friends
    16. Ardini and Ardina (my sis) if their friends from Singapore can come
    17. My UiTM Diploma friends
    18. My UiTM Degree friends
    19. My Tesco friends
    20. My Jisna and BackInMotion friends
    21. My MGHS friends
    22. My SRJK(C) friends
    23. My other friends
    and the list goes on...

    Mak datok. This list have to be listed in detail. So nobody is missed.
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  2. What a scare

    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    Tapir and me, experience something terrifying just now. I am a lazy cow today like any other day, so I didn't cook. I ordered Pizza Hut. When the delivery guy arrive, I took the time to feed the kids first so they wont go out and greet the delivery guy like they usually will do.

    Thinking that they are enjoying the food, I open the door to take my food and out of nowhere they ran out of the house to my front neighbour doorstep, smelling and scanning.

    I yelled at both Tapir and Puppy to go inside, only Puppy went in, Tapir is still there, ignoring my call. That's what you get for spoiling your children. I then had to went inside for a moment to keep the food, suddenly i heard my neighbour on the left opens his door, so I rushed out of the house hoping that Tapir will not mistaken that opening door as his house.

    As I turn to my neighbour's house, I saw Tapir is attempting to go inside and my Indian neighbour is screaming and throwing things at Tapir. OH my God, I panicked because my neighbour opened his door with only towel hanging at his hip and it drop when he was chasing Tapir out. Luckily I didn't wear my spectacles or I would have seen his *toot*. Still I was embarrassed and he quickly covers them and close the door.

    He told me from inside the house something about the door being opened. I thought he asked me to open my door so Tapir will run towards it, so I went back to my house and opened my door despite thinking the action as useless. Because my house is beside his, I don't think Tapir can see the door is open.

    Anyway, Tapir was still in front of my neighbour's house traumatised. Most of the houses in my apartment installed grill, so there's gap between the door and the grill, that's where Tapir stayed without moving an inch. I cannot reach him so I tried calling him, but he was just too scared to move.

    I saw an Indian lady coming from the stairs and she was coming towards me, turns out she came to see my neighbour(Probably my neighbours GF or Wife as I heard her calling my neighbour sayang). She told me that the grill isn't locked and she opens it for me, so I went in and took Tapir. I can feel his heartbeat and his shivering body. Kesian tapir.

    I put him down and he ran towards his favourite spot and sit quietly. I took my food and eat, usually he will sit in front of me and beg for some of the food I'm having, but not this time. he just starred at the door for about 10 to 15 minutes. After that he became his old self.

    When I think about it again, it is quite amusing. Especially the part when my neighbour's towel dropped and when he told me something about door being opened. He meant his house grill. At first I wondered why he didnt just went out and tell me, then I remembered his towel. Hahaha.
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  3. Diet Food

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    Recipe Taken here: Stir-fried konnyaku with tuna and garlic chives

    I always love sautéed or stir fried vegetables. Since this recipe almost like Char Kueh Tiaw, I will most definitely try it.

    According to the Web: It will brown up a little bit in whatever oil you are using, and take on the flavor of the oil besides. This recipe used a combination of sesame oil and even butter.

    The recipe also used a can of tuna, which I dont think I'll use, as Im not a fan of tuna. Instead, I will probably be using sliced beef or chicken and some prawns.

    1 1lb or 450g pack of grey or white konnyaku
    1 Tbs. butter
    1 Tbs. dark sesame oil
    1 small can of water-packed tuna
    1 large bunch of garlic chives (nira), or substitute green onions and add a couple of cloves of garlic
    About 2 cups of bean sprouts
    Dried red pepper flakes
    Soy sauce
    Salt and pepper
    Cut up the konnyaku into slices, and dry the surface well with a paper towel. Cut the garlic chives into approximately 10cm/4 inch pieces. Drain the can of tuna very well and flake. Wash the bean sprouts.

    Preheat a wok. Once it's very hot add the konnyaku to the dry pan. It will make squeaky noises as it dries up on the surface. Add about 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, and half the butter and sesame oil, and sauté until the pieces are a bit brown on the ouside and the liquids are absorbed.

    Add the red pepper flakes (as little or as much as you like), and the rest of the butter and sesame oil. Add the tuna, then add the vegetables. Stir fry until the vegetables are done. Season with salt, pepper and a bit more soy sauce to your taste.
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  4. Image taken here

    Yeayyy... Haven't got any plan of how and when to cook it, but I'll think about it soon, when I'm ready to go on my diet again. Hihi...

    Anyway, I found it in Jusco Melaka. I went shopping with my Mom and I decided to take a peek of their Frozen and Chill Japanese Product Section. I was happy to have found it and cant wait to have a taste of the 'devil's tongue' Hehe...
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  5. 恭喜发财

    Saturday, February 13, 2010

    Please notice Tapir is sleeping on the tiger. Haha.

    So, I would like to wish everybody 恭喜发财,万事如意,主里蒙恩!
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  6. Happy Birthday Ajuja

    Wednesday, February 10, 2010

    Not exactly. suppose to be tomorrow, 11th feb. Just in case I fell asleep or something. Bought u a gift already. *grins* Nak tau? Jumpa esok.

    Will be going back to Melaka tomorrow and I hope to come back here on Sunday. If Mama let me go lah kan... usually cam tak lepas, because u knowlah me and my other half, tak boleh pisah lama. Hehehe...

    Anyway, again. Happy birthday my favourite Sis! I love u...
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  7. My own Backyard

    Tuesday, February 9, 2010

    I dont have a backyard, what we have is side and frontyard. Huahaha... People who have been to my house knows. Here are some sceneries of my house, before and after renovation, and Im sure there will be more renovation after this.

    The Kandang Kuda is in our sideyard(i dont think this word exist)

    This is a picture of our sideyard(is there any other word for it?)

    Here are some pictures of us taken using my D80, they are all taken by me, an amateur. So I will be looking for photographers with excellent night photography skill.

    These Pictures pulak was taken here

    Do you guys get the picture? I know I do. Wah... I do!!!
    Ahhhhh.... doesnt it look wonderful???
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  8. I'm a Student

    Monday, February 8, 2010

    I've cancelled my Facebook account. Although it's been awhile since I last log in but still its better to just deactivate it so to avoid distraction. Somebody downloaded The Sims3 World Adventure using my PC and I did try to install it but a failure and I ended up playing The Sims3 these couple of days resulting to absence of updates on my blog.

    I promise myself to not play Sims again, unless all assignments and house chores are done. Anyway, my Sims are dead, now I'm playing their son and daughter-in-law, with one granddaughter and grandson. Phew... Temptation.

    School as usual sucks. Sometimes I just wish there's Chinese in UiTM so I don't have to befriend Malays... Oops... Statement melampau. Maaf.

    It is very hard to deny that we are indeed left behind. Not all Malays are the same, most of us already mixed with other race. Yesterday, we (ikmal and me) went to Amway Achievement Rally, most of the Amway Lou and Po are Chinese. Amway business is most suitable to them because they are hardworking and Amway is about that, if you are hardworking you'll be successful, you'll go Diamond.

    We want to be like them. I know it is possible, we are all human regardless the race isn't it not? I am already 26, I know what I want in life and I will go hunt for it. Jia You!!

    Afterwards, we went to Showru to have our dinner. During dinner, he told me something funny. It is funny, I laugh my head off, he is looking for a new engineer for his department and he ask the HR people to look for Non-Malay with at least one year experience. Hahaha. I told him, "Sayang, dah la Non-Malay tak nak hire Malay, u Malay pon tak nak hire Malay?"

    I have to say, I pity him. He always tells me, "Arwah En Murad use to have me, but I don't have me. If only I can duplicate me". Though the statement is a bit angkat bakul but it's true. There a only a few people in his department that he can count on, the rest are all a bunch of whiner. they always complain of too much work, yet they went back at exactly 6pm. End of the month, look at the salary, whine some more. When u give shit, u got shit man! Try giving diamond, then probably you'll get Diamond.

    I'm a student. Yes I am.
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