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  1. Tired

    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    I cannot complain about my assignment in blogs or facebook. Cause, our lecturer dah warn us. So let me just put it this way. From my house (Sunway), harung puchong's jamm for 1 hour, went to Sek7 for a buat kerja sama-sama time, until like 12am. Went back to Puchong to send Amy, came back home. Top up food for my 7 cats, then wash my face, put on night gown, climb to bed, grab phone out of bag to set alarm. The time was 1am. Golek-golek, Kebil-kebil. Slept at around 2.30am. Phew...

    Woke up at 6am. The alarm clock was set to goes off at 5am. Sigh. TIRED. Boil water, showered, put on any thing necessary. Top up some more food for my 7 cats, clean their litter box. Pour in hot water in tumbler with green tea, grab everything necessary, Out of the house around 6.45am. Walk from my house to my car parked outside of the apartment, chow to Puchong. Pick up Amy, harung jamm. Arrive UiTM at 8.05am, harung jamm dalam UiTM, find parking for 10mins. Double parked. Left name phone number. Panjat Mass Comm's own Batu Caves. Sampai class around 8.30am. Fuh.

    Class ends 12.30pm? Group meeting until like hurm 2pm? Lupa. Turun Batu Caves, Send Alin to Kristal, went SACC for lunch, then PKNS survey 'rotan'. Went to Fatin's house. Lepak. Mengumpat. Went again to UiTM at 5pm naik tangga Batu Caves, sampai class. Class cancelled. Dok menung kat cafe. TIRED. SLEEPY. Menung lagi.

    Gerak around 6pm to Puchong. Harung Jamm. Drop Amy. Reach Sunway at 8pm. Ikmal pick up. Off to PKNS again. Jewellery shops all close. The time was 8.30pm. WTF. Went to Dyana's Jewellery SACC, finally bought 'The Rotan'. Dinner at Uncle K. Went Home.

    Top up food for my 7 cats, clean their litter box. Wash face. Put on night gown. seat in front of PC, typing. END. The most hectic day this year. On top of it all, I drive a manual kancil with no auto steering. If only cats can do foot massage, or full body massage. Cepat Tapir, urut!
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  2. 3 comments:

    1. Lady of Leisure said...

      Salute! sbb u boleh manage 7 cats.. ehehhe...
      haha cute! mintak tapir urut...
      may be i should ask arri n molly gimme a massage too...
      pernah sekali masa i tengah tunduk my hubby dukung arri and put arri on my back, bila dia jalan belakang badan i rasa best jugak coz arri is 8kg haha.. imagine how..

    2. ZARA said...

      Tapir is how many kg? I also dunno. But definitely not 8kg. But my bf has a 8kg male cat name Joey. I can imagine having 8kg piece of flesh laying on my back... to have joey on my back kena pegi my bf house in shah alam pulak. so, na-ah to that lah.

      Tapir is already a fatty cow. Im suppose to jaga makan dia... tak silaplah... sebab dia FiV +ve. Sampai hari ni, dia ok je... tak da saket what so ever...So i bg je makan non stop. tak sampai hati nak tahan2 makan dia.

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