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  1. *Sigh*

    Saturday, January 23, 2010

    Wow. I only lost about 3 to 4kgs. After one week of strict Atkins and 2 weeks of no refine carbs diet. Until my mom buy a juicer for me, I will be continuing my no refine carbs diet. Will need to hunt on the lowest carb of rice and vercimelli. In case I crave for nasi and bihun goreng etc.

    Found konnyaku jelly mix. Turns out Amway is selling it, so will order it from Ikmal. As to how to do it I'll belasah first. In the mean time I will still look for the shirataki noodle (ready made). Some says it taste like Laksa basah. So it will be perfect for me. *Yeay*

    I'm also thinking of going to the gym, but I don't want to go alone. If only mama agree to come and stay here. Or any of my siblings. Then maybe we can go together. *Sigh*

    I actually don't know where to start, in terms of planning our wedding. I think I should sit down with my mom and talk about budget first. Then maybe I can start berangan. *Sigh*

    As for photos on the 16th, will try to ask from Yoyoy and Abg Ajak (my cousins). I was busy holding my shaking hands all day, hence the no photos from any of my many sisters, diorang tu kalau tak suruh, tak buat. *Sigh*
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  2. 6 comments:

    1. s h e d a said...

      Wahai cik Azara Nur,

      Remember me? Sheda dormmate u dulu huhuhu. Don't tell me u're already engaged??
      Start diet pulak tu. Gambar plz!
      Ey u dok mane yeh?

    2. Anonymous said...

      Aku nampak nama sheda je aku dah tau kot. :p Engaged secara tak official, without the fancy outfit and pelamin bagai. Just both family yang ada. Camera aku telah di curik adek2. ada camera phone yang zaman tok kaduk. Nanti aku update bila dah kurus cam ko. huahuahua... Im still in Sunway with my 7 cats... kau kat shah alam kan? bilo lah nk berjumpo!!!

    3. Lady of Leisure said...

      huhu.. i ve lost abt 4kg tapi lately asyik makan jer rasa mcm naik lagi 5kg pulak hihi

    4. Anonymous said...

      u takpe makan lady... u already look wonderful on ur wedding day. If only I can eat anyrhing I want and still loose weight. sigh.

    5. s h e d a said...

      Hahaha obvious ke weh? LOL
      Ala nak tgk gamba time 'tunang' tu lerrr...
      Kurus? Aku zaman dulu tu boleh kau kata camtu. Skarang ni tembam sket la, lemak sana sini! Hahaha.
      7 cats? Mesti tgk ni! Aku weekdays susah nk plan sbb keje. Weekends ok?

    6. Anonymous said...

      Sheda, Weekends ler aku cerita, kau datang rumah aku kat sunway nak? Aku masak pasta. Huahahaha

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