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    Saturday, January 9, 2010

    We went to Shah Alam, took Amway product from his parents house, went to kompleks PKNS (most shops are closed), SACC to have dinner, Diamond and Platinum (I fell in love). Then straight back home.

    Tag access card, drove to parking spot, Eih, apesal tak boleh masuk parking, there were ambulance, police car, people surround the upper level of the basement parking. Everybody seems to wonder what happen. We drove around to find another way to the basement parking. Hurm. NONE.

    So we parked at a parking spot nearest to stairs heading our house. Being a Mass comm'ers, I'm curious of what's going on, try to eavesdropping people's conversation but nada... Receive no information whatsoever.

    Went upstairs, saw the guy who we hired to wash car. His Indian from India, so the Malay is a bit terrible, but understandable. He told us that a guy was slashed right about his calf or hips, he died. Then there this women who kept screaming, very noisy. I cannot match these pieces of stories, so I ask where? He said the other block, the guy was attacked from behind while he was waiting for the elevator.

    Hurm, so whats up with the women screaming? While I was standing there, came another guy. A local Malay guy, his story pulak, the women is that dead guy's wife. She is from our block, went to her neighbour asking for help, hence the screaming.

    Can u imagine my fear? Huh. Scary. I got goosebumps all the way to my house. Huh.

    I really hope this gets media attention, so I can read it tomorrow in the newspaper. I really want to know what happen. Sigh.
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