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  1. Confrontation hurts like hell

    Friday, January 22, 2010

    Its been quite a challenging week for me, and trust me confronting a loved one is no expertise of mine. I've always been loud and outspoken, but when it comes to family, close friends and heartbeat, I melt. I tend to shut my thoughts and feelings from ever coming out. It doesn't feel good, you know... It is definitely not a way on dealing with bad emotions, because when you finally blurt it out, it will sound awful and mean to the other person.

    And that what happen this week. A person cried. I feel relieved but she cried. Oh God, that is the worst feeling ever. I called my mother and Ikmal almost every chance I got that day. They (especially my mom) keep reassured that I'm doing the right thing, and that it is for her own benefit.

    I have to admit, few days before the confrontation I was worried. worried hell. As to what her reaction will be, how she'll act, what she'll say etc... and what I was imagining will happen truly happened. That my friend, is why I've been timid all these years.

    So it has been done. A part of me at ease, another part felt terrible. Let bygones be bygones and hope tomorrow will bring us closer.
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