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    Saturday, January 2, 2010

    Pheww... It is finally done. They will be coming over to meet my parents on the 16th. Took him sometime to do just that. But I'm glad that he finally did it. *big grin*

    One down, fuh.

    There are so many other things now. God. I dont even know where to start. Haha. However, I already decided on what to wear and where to get them. Total of 4. hik hik...

    I will be planning everything myself. I will not be hiring a wedding planner. What's the use of having so many sisters in the familly kan? untuk jadi kuli lah. hahaha. I know how excited everyone will be on planning this wedding. yelah aku kan anak sulong. kuang kuang.

    I will try not to overspend. Ikmal will now need to save up for the wedding. I dont really mind whats on the hantaran. He will give me 9 and I'll give back 11? Buah-buah, kek, coklat... jam murah, beg murah, etc... hahaha cukup syarat lah kan? Buat apa nak beriya kan? Lain lah kalau aku ni kawin anak Dato' ke.

    Ah... enough on the hantaran. BELASAH. yang penting rumah aku ni. I have to draw a plan for the cats house. The house we built for them is small and impractical. I will have to extend the existing house and improve on the facility *apehal aku cerita macam nak renovate clubhouse* haha.

    I hate to cage them. But my darling maid of honour is afraid of them. So, terpaksa lah. Lagipon, nanti diorang buat kije merata... Bau tahi mereka saje pulak nanti...

    So that's that for now. Oh. and school starts Monday kot. *Sigh*
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