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  1. Aku pemalas

    Monday, January 25, 2010

    The house, according to Ikmal is 50% to perfectly clean home. Well today the percentage has gone down to 45%, due to my 7 very naughty children. I do not have the will to continue the cleaning as I got games to play and assignment to submit tomorrow. The assignment is a 5pages review of the book Mahathir dan Akhbar. Huh... some serious stuff here people. I must gather all the fun I can get from playing FB games then I can do it. Hikhik.

    The assignment has another 10 to 20% more to go, but I'm hungry... People still need to eat Cikgu, despite doing assignment... Ain't that right, Cici? Cici likes to glare at me, for no reason at all. especially when I'm typing. She's totally weird. Like just now, when I was typing for the assignment, she kept staring at my hands, then I look at her and ask what she wants, she just glare at me. without saying a word. She is definitely gone crazy.

    As for Puppy, I'm not surprise as to her comeback on being her old self. I mean, I like her more during her younger days (without her kids). Where she will come to bed with me, wake me up every morning. Hurm... These few weeks, she started to become her old self and I enjoy spending time with her. :)

    I try to make Shirataki/Konnyaku Noodles today, but did not succeed. It actually looks okay, the texture does resemble glass noodle however, it cannot stand the heat, it melted in the wok while frying... It is not a good sight... I promise you. Huhu... Unless u wanna eat it with unagi and teriyaki sauce, I think it is most suitable for Japanese cold dish. *Sigh*

    I'm still with my hopes high above the sky, looking forward to found Shirataki Noodle yang dah siap. Not like the jelly kind that I made. The weird thing is that these noodle is from Japan and they are already selling in US but they did not sell them in Malaysia. For a while maybe they have it here but I went to find it in Jusco Mid Valley the other day, Na-da. Disappointment. Really.

    Mama will probably be coming over on Wed. So my jogging starts afterwards. Current mode: Pemalas.
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  2. 6 comments:

    1. Lady of Leisure said...

      alamak our current mode same lah hihi

    2. s h e d a said...

      sama gak tgh malas!

    3. shada JD said...

      aku lagi malas haha

    4. ZARA said...

      Lady, I dah tukar. Mode sekarang: Tak berapa malas. hihi

    5. ZARA said...

      Sheda, Hari tu je malas kan? Sekarang ok dah?

    6. ZARA said...

      TBB, apa cerita kau pon nak malas sama?

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