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  1. Aku pemalas

    Monday, January 25, 2010

    The house, according to Ikmal is 50% to perfectly clean home. Well today the percentage has gone down to 45%, due to my 7 very naughty children. I do not have the will to continue the cleaning as I got games to play and assignment to submit tomorrow. The assignment is a 5pages review of the book Mahathir dan Akhbar. Huh... some serious stuff here people. I must gather all the fun I can get from playing FB games then I can do it. Hikhik.

    The assignment has another 10 to 20% more to go, but I'm hungry... People still need to eat Cikgu, despite doing assignment... Ain't that right, Cici? Cici likes to glare at me, for no reason at all. especially when I'm typing. She's totally weird. Like just now, when I was typing for the assignment, she kept staring at my hands, then I look at her and ask what she wants, she just glare at me. without saying a word. She is definitely gone crazy.

    As for Puppy, I'm not surprise as to her comeback on being her old self. I mean, I like her more during her younger days (without her kids). Where she will come to bed with me, wake me up every morning. Hurm... These few weeks, she started to become her old self and I enjoy spending time with her. :)

    I try to make Shirataki/Konnyaku Noodles today, but did not succeed. It actually looks okay, the texture does resemble glass noodle however, it cannot stand the heat, it melted in the wok while frying... It is not a good sight... I promise you. Huhu... Unless u wanna eat it with unagi and teriyaki sauce, I think it is most suitable for Japanese cold dish. *Sigh*

    I'm still with my hopes high above the sky, looking forward to found Shirataki Noodle yang dah siap. Not like the jelly kind that I made. The weird thing is that these noodle is from Japan and they are already selling in US but they did not sell them in Malaysia. For a while maybe they have it here but I went to find it in Jusco Mid Valley the other day, Na-da. Disappointment. Really.

    Mama will probably be coming over on Wed. So my jogging starts afterwards. Current mode: Pemalas.
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  2. *Sigh*

    Saturday, January 23, 2010

    Wow. I only lost about 3 to 4kgs. After one week of strict Atkins and 2 weeks of no refine carbs diet. Until my mom buy a juicer for me, I will be continuing my no refine carbs diet. Will need to hunt on the lowest carb of rice and vercimelli. In case I crave for nasi and bihun goreng etc.

    Found konnyaku jelly mix. Turns out Amway is selling it, so will order it from Ikmal. As to how to do it I'll belasah first. In the mean time I will still look for the shirataki noodle (ready made). Some says it taste like Laksa basah. So it will be perfect for me. *Yeay*

    I'm also thinking of going to the gym, but I don't want to go alone. If only mama agree to come and stay here. Or any of my siblings. Then maybe we can go together. *Sigh*

    I actually don't know where to start, in terms of planning our wedding. I think I should sit down with my mom and talk about budget first. Then maybe I can start berangan. *Sigh*

    As for photos on the 16th, will try to ask from Yoyoy and Abg Ajak (my cousins). I was busy holding my shaking hands all day, hence the no photos from any of my many sisters, diorang tu kalau tak suruh, tak buat. *Sigh*
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  3. Confrontation hurts like hell

    Friday, January 22, 2010

    Its been quite a challenging week for me, and trust me confronting a loved one is no expertise of mine. I've always been loud and outspoken, but when it comes to family, close friends and heartbeat, I melt. I tend to shut my thoughts and feelings from ever coming out. It doesn't feel good, you know... It is definitely not a way on dealing with bad emotions, because when you finally blurt it out, it will sound awful and mean to the other person.

    And that what happen this week. A person cried. I feel relieved but she cried. Oh God, that is the worst feeling ever. I called my mother and Ikmal almost every chance I got that day. They (especially my mom) keep reassured that I'm doing the right thing, and that it is for her own benefit.

    I have to admit, few days before the confrontation I was worried. worried hell. As to what her reaction will be, how she'll act, what she'll say etc... and what I was imagining will happen truly happened. That my friend, is why I've been timid all these years.

    So it has been done. A part of me at ease, another part felt terrible. Let bygones be bygones and hope tomorrow will bring us closer.
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  4. Tired

    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    I cannot complain about my assignment in blogs or facebook. Cause, our lecturer dah warn us. So let me just put it this way. From my house (Sunway), harung puchong's jamm for 1 hour, went to Sek7 for a buat kerja sama-sama time, until like 12am. Went back to Puchong to send Amy, came back home. Top up food for my 7 cats, then wash my face, put on night gown, climb to bed, grab phone out of bag to set alarm. The time was 1am. Golek-golek, Kebil-kebil. Slept at around 2.30am. Phew...

    Woke up at 6am. The alarm clock was set to goes off at 5am. Sigh. TIRED. Boil water, showered, put on any thing necessary. Top up some more food for my 7 cats, clean their litter box. Pour in hot water in tumbler with green tea, grab everything necessary, Out of the house around 6.45am. Walk from my house to my car parked outside of the apartment, chow to Puchong. Pick up Amy, harung jamm. Arrive UiTM at 8.05am, harung jamm dalam UiTM, find parking for 10mins. Double parked. Left name phone number. Panjat Mass Comm's own Batu Caves. Sampai class around 8.30am. Fuh.

    Class ends 12.30pm? Group meeting until like hurm 2pm? Lupa. Turun Batu Caves, Send Alin to Kristal, went SACC for lunch, then PKNS survey 'rotan'. Went to Fatin's house. Lepak. Mengumpat. Went again to UiTM at 5pm naik tangga Batu Caves, sampai class. Class cancelled. Dok menung kat cafe. TIRED. SLEEPY. Menung lagi.

    Gerak around 6pm to Puchong. Harung Jamm. Drop Amy. Reach Sunway at 8pm. Ikmal pick up. Off to PKNS again. Jewellery shops all close. The time was 8.30pm. WTF. Went to Dyana's Jewellery SACC, finally bought 'The Rotan'. Dinner at Uncle K. Went Home.

    Top up food for my 7 cats, clean their litter box. Wash face. Put on night gown. seat in front of PC, typing. END. The most hectic day this year. On top of it all, I drive a manual kancil with no auto steering. If only cats can do foot massage, or full body massage. Cepat Tapir, urut!
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  5. Well...

    Monday, January 11, 2010

    Ahhh... this is scary... Mama just called, and she said, Abah called MakLong. Wow, and I thought he cannot accept the fact that I'm getting married. He even exaggerated. He told MakLong, "Aza nak tunang" Huh? Kih kih. Comelnya Abah.

    Well, its the first time for him, you know. Dia tak tau nak kata apa maybe. Anyway, Im glad that he's finally accepting. Shukur Alhamdullilah.

    By the way, Im quite annoyed with Bulma and Goten right now. I dont think its the mating season, kan? Yang peliknya, Bulma keeps harrasing Cici, Cici didnt ask for it. Yang dok menyalak is Goten. Hish. Bising.
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  6. So I was thinking, which is more important in a wedding cake, is it the taste or the looks? Would u just look at all these wedding cakes. I cant seem to choose a favourite.

    Have a feast...

    Pic credits Choffles

    This one pulak is more suitable to be a Hantaran cake

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  7. Shoes indeed drives me crazy. Argh, I'm finding ways of making more money. Being a student is not easy, as we don't have enough, you know, CASH! I refuse to apply for PTPTN as it is actually doing more harm than good.

    What is the most dangerous thing for me to do now? Duhh... Its browsing online shoe store. Especially place like this one. Argh... the shoes are irresistible. So yumm...

    *Sigh* Cannot ask money from my darling as he is saving up for the wedding. *sigh again*
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  8. My mum went to see Uncle Bong last week with Angah. He said 1st January 2011 is good for us, and that it will bring abundance of wealth to our life. hiks. i loike. However, it will be better if we nikah at either 10am or 1pm. Since I prefer morning, so it will be at 10am. Hiks.

    Uncle Bong added that the wedding ring for me should be diamond as it is my lucky stone. Ikmal and me went to Diamond and Platinum, we love it. I always wonder why people are so obsessed with diamond. Well, now i know why. Even Ikmal was excited. The look of his face when I slide in my finger a 40k worth of diamond ring. It's just1carat, and it was beautiful. Sigh.

    I can't wait to have my diamond wedding ring.
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  9. Fun

    Facebook is for playing games. Im not into stalking people's life lah. They can choose to stalk me, but I prefer not stalking them.

    What fun for me now is browsing people's blog for wedding theme lah, wedding cake lah, wedding dress lah, wedding bands lah. Hiks hiks.

    Its more fun!
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  10. Penat

    Sunday, January 10, 2010

    House cleaning is not easy
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  11. Yumm

    Saturday, January 9, 2010

    Went Here and did this:

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  12. Taken from The Star Online
    Published: Saturday January 9, 2010 MYT 6:28:00 PM
    Bank manager stabbed to death near home

    KUALA LUMPUR: Bank manager Andy Teoh accompanied his wife to dinner and shopping at the Sunway Pyramid shopping complex Friday night. It was to be their last outing together.

    As Teoh, 48, and his wife were waiting for the lift to return to their unit at the Lagoon Perdana Apartments near Bandar Sunway, a man stabbed him in the back with what is believed to have been a dagger.

    The assailant, who was also armed with a sickle, then slashed the bank manager's face.

    Chased by the man, Teoh staggered for about 80ms, only to collapse and die on the spot in the incident at 10.45pm.

    Upon seeing this, the killer panicked and fled from the scene as Teoh's 38-year-old wife shouted for help.

    It is learnt that closed-circuit television cameras (CCTVs) were neither installed at the parking lot nor in the vicinity of the lift.

    On Saturday, Selangor CID deputy chief ACP Omar Mammah said initial investigations revealed that the assailant targeted only Teoh and not his wife.

    "We believe the couple were not acquainted with the assailant but had noticed him while walking from their car to the lift," he said, adding that the motive of the murder had not been ascertained.

    He said checks revealed the absence of CCTVs near the lift and parking lot, adding that it was puzzling how the killer managed to pass through the apartment's security detail.

    Omar said the couple married five years ago. - Bernama
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  13. We went to Shah Alam, took Amway product from his parents house, went to kompleks PKNS (most shops are closed), SACC to have dinner, Diamond and Platinum (I fell in love). Then straight back home.

    Tag access card, drove to parking spot, Eih, apesal tak boleh masuk parking, there were ambulance, police car, people surround the upper level of the basement parking. Everybody seems to wonder what happen. We drove around to find another way to the basement parking. Hurm. NONE.

    So we parked at a parking spot nearest to stairs heading our house. Being a Mass comm'ers, I'm curious of what's going on, try to eavesdropping people's conversation but nada... Receive no information whatsoever.

    Went upstairs, saw the guy who we hired to wash car. His Indian from India, so the Malay is a bit terrible, but understandable. He told us that a guy was slashed right about his calf or hips, he died. Then there this women who kept screaming, very noisy. I cannot match these pieces of stories, so I ask where? He said the other block, the guy was attacked from behind while he was waiting for the elevator.

    Hurm, so whats up with the women screaming? While I was standing there, came another guy. A local Malay guy, his story pulak, the women is that dead guy's wife. She is from our block, went to her neighbour asking for help, hence the screaming.

    Can u imagine my fear? Huh. Scary. I got goosebumps all the way to my house. Huh.

    I really hope this gets media attention, so I can read it tomorrow in the newspaper. I really want to know what happen. Sigh.
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  14. Guardian

    Friday, January 8, 2010

    Went and buy for myself a weighting scale, facial scrub, Biore pore pack, and Eversweet low calorie sweetener. To my surprise, (which I think is ridiculous) I lost 3kgs. Hurm. To believe or not to believe. I weight myself last week at home in Melaka, I was 68kg. This morning, 65kg.

    I've only started diet on Tuesday. Hurm.
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  15. Yeah, I cried. We do argue now and then. We are not angels. We are human, arent we? Unless some of u think im in a relationship with some kind of alien. yikes.

    A kind friend ask me yesterday, "Whats the rush on tying the knot?" I gave plenty of reason to her. This and that. Then something crossed my mind. The real question is, "Why wait?"

    It is suppose to be simple. A boy and a girl met, they fell in love, they got married, they have babies and thats how life goes. So I ask again, "Why wait?"
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  16. Tak habis belah

    Thursday, January 7, 2010

    School is forever more boring. Nothing there to tell. After School we went to Tomei Subang Parade as refer by Shada. The one that caught my eye is weight 1.63gm at RM270. The lady who entertain us even lowered the price to RM255.

    However, my darling refuse to take as he said the price is expensive. Hurm. So I walk out the store with dissapointment.

    He promise to survey more shops with me. So... belah rotan will have to wait...
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  17. Belah Rotan

    Tuesday, January 5, 2010

    After reading this, I decided that it will be gold.

    After 2 days of surveying for either white gold, titanium and platinum, Aku amek Gold. Pedulikkan orang yang nak kata aku cam orang kampung. Dah memang hakikat. Nak lari ke mana? Aku ni orang kampung Sungai Potai. Haha. Yes. I'm about to jump off the bandwagon.

    Duit, duit. Puh kanan, Puh Kiri. Come to mummy...
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  18. At last

    Saturday, January 2, 2010

    Pheww... It is finally done. They will be coming over to meet my parents on the 16th. Took him sometime to do just that. But I'm glad that he finally did it. *big grin*

    One down, fuh.

    There are so many other things now. God. I dont even know where to start. Haha. However, I already decided on what to wear and where to get them. Total of 4. hik hik...

    I will be planning everything myself. I will not be hiring a wedding planner. What's the use of having so many sisters in the familly kan? untuk jadi kuli lah. hahaha. I know how excited everyone will be on planning this wedding. yelah aku kan anak sulong. kuang kuang.

    I will try not to overspend. Ikmal will now need to save up for the wedding. I dont really mind whats on the hantaran. He will give me 9 and I'll give back 11? Buah-buah, kek, coklat... jam murah, beg murah, etc... hahaha cukup syarat lah kan? Buat apa nak beriya kan? Lain lah kalau aku ni kawin anak Dato' ke.

    Ah... enough on the hantaran. BELASAH. yang penting rumah aku ni. I have to draw a plan for the cats house. The house we built for them is small and impractical. I will have to extend the existing house and improve on the facility *apehal aku cerita macam nak renovate clubhouse* haha.

    I hate to cage them. But my darling maid of honour is afraid of them. So, terpaksa lah. Lagipon, nanti diorang buat kije merata... Bau tahi mereka saje pulak nanti...

    So that's that for now. Oh. and school starts Monday kot. *Sigh*
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