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  1. My new favorite thing in the world

    Friday, November 19, 2010

    thanks to Abah.
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  2. Ikmal

    Wednesday, November 3, 2010

    I will be in Melaka around 8 or 9. wish i can put him in my pocket!
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  3. bacterial infection

    Tuesday, November 2, 2010

    saket gigi yang amat. thanks to future MIL the pain lessen now. tapi still it hurts! im sleepy now. bye
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  4. I miss Goten and Gohan to bits

    Monday, October 25, 2010

    2 down 7 more to go?

    I don't have the heart to do it but i had to. I'm so so sorry babies... mommy will always love you. It's not that i abandon u, I'm just making sure the best is taken care of for your sake. I love you Gohan and Goten! I miss you, see you this Friday i hope. mommy will be bringing Goku and Cici along to join u ;)

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  5. 疯狂

    Friday, October 22, 2010

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  6. bragging much?

    Wednesday, October 20, 2010

    I refuse to join in the madness. i sometimes wonder what's on her mind. literally.
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  7. Dino!!!

    Wednesday, September 15, 2010

    Owh how i miss u Dino!!!! My dad just bought a rottweiler for guarding purposes. He's suppose to follow my brother to Kampar untuk jd guard dog kat sana but kalau dia jd guard kat rumah alor gajah boleh??? He's super cute!!!
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  8. Milo kesayangan semua

    Monday, September 6, 2010

    Alfatihah kepada Cik Milo. Teman kepada En Kabu.

    Sangat sedih :'(
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  9. My belated birthday Dinner by Ikmal

    Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    Ikmal promised me a japanese cuisine for my Birthday. However, my family decided to come here and surprise me so he had to cancel that. But, a promise is a promise... He then make a wonderful Japanese buka puasa for us...

    here are the pictures

    Appetizer: California Temaki, Miso Soup, Japanese green tea

    Main Course: Chicken Katsu, Unagi Don, and Japanese Salad.

    Perut macam nak pecah semalam!!! Sedap!!!
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  10. close up

    As i mention, my 3 years old D80 kena kencing kucing. navigation button tak leh guna. So i send to Nikon PJ. Turns out. The body is fine. Tapi lens aku bapak berkulat. Hence the quotation above.

    im still contemplating on to proceed with repair or just buy a new lens. Fish eye perhaps? woot woot. Takda maknanya! Mahal! dah tengok dah :(

    alah... tapi sayang tau... i've been using this lens and camera since 8th February 2007... sigh.
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  11. What make my day

    Monday, August 23, 2010

    What a good effort! Don't u think? J.J just made my day!! Thanks a bunch to friends who wish me on FB, twitter, SMS, phone calls... U all make me feel like a celebrity. haha. I love each and everyone of u =D

    As u know my baby, Miss D80 is at Nikon PJ. I am yet to receive invoice for that. I don't know how much it will cost me, but i hope it wont be more than MYR200. I hope my baby will be ok.

    Ikmal is making me Japanese food for dinner/berbuka. I am thrilled!! I love you maneng!!!

    and Happy Birthday to ME =)

    p/s: even Bank Islam send birthday wishes to me via SMS!!! woot woot!!!
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  12. Tapir Puasa

    Thursday, August 12, 2010

    Updated photos of Tapir my sunshine

    His first day of puasa. FLAT. huahahah
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  13. Suka hati saya

    Monday, August 9, 2010

    Maaf. Sorry. 对不起.

    Tergedik sikit. my new hair.
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  14. Malas DAY

    Saturday, August 7, 2010

    Its been a while since the last time I ordered Dominos. Reasons being the fact that I was on NoCarbs diet and my sweet fiancé who loves to cook for me. teehee.

    Anyway. I'm not on diet today and decided to take on a promotion sent to me via SMS few days back by Dominos.

    Wow, to my surprise... they have revamp their website and i love their GPS Great Service Tracker. Woot Woot...

    Sadly, i cannot have pizza too often. So God knows when my next order will be...
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  15. Really Really Happy

    Wednesday, July 28, 2010

    The Muffs
    Really Really Happy

    And I don't care what anyone thinks about me
    I'm not afraid of what you say or do
    it doesn't hurt me I'm telling you

    that I'm completely over it and I don't care what you do

    I'm really really glad and really really really happy
    and I'm feeling good
    I'm really really glad and really really really happy and I'm
    feeling good I'm feeling free and nothing's bothering me

    and what I say is real and it's about time
    I used to be so mad and crazy
    almost all of the time I'm telling you

    That I'm completely turned around and feeling like I should

    I'm really really glad and really really really happy
    and I'm feeling good
    I'm really really glad and really really really happy and I'm
    feeling good I'm feeling free and nothing's bothering me

    what I say or what I do it makes me wanting to
    tell you everybody in a happy tune-yeah


    and I don't care what anyone thinks about me
    I'm not afraid of what you say or do it doesn't hurt me I'm telling you
    That I'm completely over it and I don't care what you do

    I'm really really glad and really really really happy and I'm feeling good
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  16. pokai!
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  17. My Best Friend's Birthday

    Monday, July 26, 2010

    and I made a cake for her...

    Since I love Red Velvet so much, I decided to make one or two.

    The first attempt turn out to be a disaster because i beat everything using wooden spoon. mom's expensive kenwood mixer is M.I.A.

    the second attempt was beautiful. Look at these pictures...

    The cake is not only a beauty... it's delicious. Seriously... it's a red chocolate cake. Yumm yumm...

    I love my best friend... we have been friends since forever :D

    The last picture shows why I refuse to bersanding :p
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  18. i miss my old ears :p

    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    daripada 3 tinggal satu. yang tengah je tinggal. cuping telinga ntah ada lubang ke tidak. huahahha
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  19. pernah tak orang masak nasik dalam kuali? hahaha. rasanya sebab dah lama tak masak nasik sampai merajuk periuk nasik. Ikmal yang on a very tight budget mintak tolong buat nasi goreng for lunch. As i plugged the power cord dengar macam ada small, very tiny sound of 'pow'.

    alamak. rosak ke? biar sekejap ingat lampu je tak on kot. sekali mmg rosak. sigh. aku pon masak nasi pakai kuali.

    kesian periuk nasik elba aku. sedih dia aku dah lama tak makan nasik. hahaha.
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  20. us if we can do tattoos.
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  21. Tapir our Hachiko

    Saturday, July 17, 2010

    It's actually my Tapir, my Hachiko... but since he only listen to Ikmal, I say, OUR. Huh. Fyi, he only does this with Ikmal

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  22. Carbs is bad

    Friday, July 16, 2010

    Well, the worst part of being on a diet is your restrictions access to food. My restriction is carbs. Derived from the word carbohydrate which in food science and in many informal contexts, the term carbohydrate often means any food that is particularly rich in starch (such as cereals, bread and pasta) or sugar (such as candy, jams and desserts). Taken from Wikipedia.

    So there you go… all that is strip from my diet. Sometimes I wish I was born skinny. Well then maybe I wish I am this huge. Hahaha

    Nevertheless, this is the best diet ever and the only diet I am able to perform. So, most of you must have heard about En Atkins. I bet that most of the things you heard about him is not pleasant. But, what I like about him is that he introduces this kind of diet. Think about it, at least he let us know that carbs is bad… isn’t it?

    I believe in death and we can possibly try almost everything to escape it but we eventually still have to face it. So, I’m doing this diet with all my faith to God :D and a lot of exercise of course… hehehe
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  23. Im not multi-tasker

    Thursday, July 15, 2010

    I terminated my friendship with streamyx to embrace my new BFF, Unifi. Well, it was started as an affair for the first week and everything seems perfect until the day I end my relationship with streamyx.

    Apahal aku ni?

    Anyway, from Thursday 1st July approximately 8pm I have no connection to the world until the next week Wednesday 7th July. I only have few days left before I leave for PD on Friday. Then, Monday my journey as a full time student started and my house is a mess.

    I have limited time allocated for blogging and facebooking. I don’t care about the latter but my wedding blog seems almost barren. Don’t you think?
    Nah… Just forget about it.

    Let’s think about Alexander Petrovsky.

    Aaahhhhh… Isn’t he the cutest? YES!!!

    I have lost a few Kgs and guys started to notice me now, and that is not good. Well, it’s good for me but horrible news for him. I kind of like it actually. Say me whatever, but I do love the attention sometimes, why the hell do you think we women spends so much on appearance? Duh…

    I hope I can control myself. Behave Azara Nur!! Behave!!

    I have no more time to be fooling around. For everyone’s sake.
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  24. Drooling Lamb Lasagna

    Monday, July 12, 2010

    Don't ask me the recipe. My personal chef made for me in entertaining my appetite. I was in my diet holiday for a week, which ended yesterday. Today I'm back with my no carbs diet :)

    Bare with me honey * referring to my chef* as he will be cooking for me all sorts of white and red meat. Not forgetting veges. Nyum Nyum...
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  25. Food and friends: The two F

    Thursday, July 8, 2010

    Can you imagine life without nasi? laksa? pasta? Well... That's me...

    I've ended it though last Saturday by organising a party welcoming the new me :) huahaha. That was not the whole reason but just keep it that...

    Since I left the house for this whole semester break, the house is a total disaster. So after more than 7 big garbage bag of mess, friends started coming and I am a wreck. Time is what we lacked of. Both of us. My beloved, handsome, romantic fiancé cooked for the party. Siapa lagi? huahaha... He still helping me with the kitchen while I was just finished cleaning the floor.

    Kas and Pow arrived first, as usual :) hehehe. They helped with put away stuff that aren't supposed to be... minutes later, Ikhwan, Ikmal's lil brother arrived with Yana his wife. We chatted for a while when I realise that I needed a shower so badly *tak mandi dari pagi*

    While I'm in the shower Chaq and Punk came. So I presented my pristine self and we started to mingle. The funny things all the girls were chatting while all the boys were in the kitchen.

    We were all too excited catching up that we forgot to snap some pics. Bummer! But enjoy some of the food he made before I end my diet last week and the most delicious Tiramisu he made for the party *what was left of it*




    Don't you just love man that cooks??? Yummy!!!
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  26. Entah?

    Friday, June 25, 2010

    pagi yang agak emosi...

    i sometimes envy my sister atiza nur. she enjoy being without friends. just herself and her books and tv series and a little dossage of celebrities gossip (bukan siti nurhaliza etc)

    as for me... i love being accompanied by friends, surrounded with so many friends... that's why i'm into this blogging thing... you'll be surprise to find new friends which actually quite friendly as well and sometimes appreciate u more than ur existing friends.

    Friends and best friends for me is different... of course... i think...

    anyway... my two best of friends... both came from different circle... one is UiTM and another is from MGHS...

    they are both great people and i love them so much...

    but u need friends also right? I am clingy and talk too much at times... so... i have to channel this excessive spirit elsewhere... not to just them...

    anyway... the point is sometimes u thought u are friends with those person when they actually just thought of u as their acquaintance... ouch!!!
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  27. I have a big family. I am friendly. Like super friendly actually. So, I appreciate having a big family.


    I just sometimes could not shake the feeling of hatred towards these certain members in my family. When I say family, I didn't mean the immediate ones like your parents and siblings. i meant, your aunties, uncles, cousins etc

    Well... I don't want to publish this at wedding journal because well... hurm... its kinda personal... but not that personal sampai don't want people to know lah... i think some of us pon pernah or facing the same thing... kot...

    so here goes nothing...

    As you all know my wedding is coming... So... Of course lah my big family will gather kan? my mom's are bigger tapi my dad's are big as well because we have lots of nenek's anak angkat lah... sedara yang no blood relations lah etc...



    there are certain particular people yang I hesitate to invite... I will not name them of course... duh... from both side of the family... mom's and dad's... tapi kalau tak jemput mmg obvious lah kot...

    argghhh... is this appropriate? i mean not inviting ur relatives? close relative tau? those you know since you are small tau?

    I am usually positive bla bla bla kind of girl... tapi when people treat your parents badly, you kinda kena tempias... u know...

    I hope nobody reads this....

    Any one of my family members at least
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  28. Happy Abah's Day

    Sunday, June 20, 2010

    Wonder where the cake is from?

    Its The Velvet Rouge from That Last Slice


    Mama just can't stop eating it....

    Happy Abah's Day, Abah...

    You are the greatest Dad :)
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  29. R.I.P Amoi

    Friday, June 18, 2010

    We went out for movies. Miza saw her. Yelled stop! but its too late... Its truly is nobody's fault...

    Its just sad... I am sad...

    We will always love u... Our beloved AMOI... May u rest in peace...
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  30. My cats My Life

    Monday, June 14, 2010

    Do you know that Law of Attraction really works???

    "Kau tau tak kucing kau koyakkan drawing final aku yang besar? seriously pasni kau keluarkan la kucing ni. Aku dan tak tahan. Sry"

    This SMS sent by my sister Amiza Nur at around 1.06am today

    When I read it 6am this morning, I was a bit furious that all she did was complain, complain and complain... My room which was mine since I was probably 7 is inhabited by my sis Anisah Nur.

    I have my own place in Sunway. Which I love because I can keep all my wonderful children with me. I care about them. I care about them more than I care about him. Cats are my life.

    My mom always complain of why I seldom balik Melaka, well... u may think its because of Ikmal, but its not... partially maybe but its not the whole reason.

    I hate to be parted from my kids... I hate that they will not be taken care of by me... their potty, food, drinks...

    "Pay me 150 rggt. Kucing kau baru lepas pecahkan Polaroid aku. thank you very much"

    I receive this 8.12am... There u go... the universe is saying "your wish is my command" You hate the cats, and u kept complaining about them... and that is what you'll get... more reason to hate them...

    2mins later my mom called saying Amiza nangis...


    It seems that our relationship as sisters is not as important as your Polaroid..
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  31. How I miss the voice of The Rev

    Saturday, May 22, 2010

    We are so lucky that we get to see Avenged Sevenfold when they came down to Singapore in 2008. Refer this post. At least kitorang sempat jumpa The Rev before dia *sedih jap* before he died.

    Anyway. This is their new single. Check it out.

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  32. Tag

    Oh god. first time nak main tag ni. so here goes nothing

    A tag from Lady of Leisure

    Adakah anda mempunyai lesen memandu?

    Bilakah anda mengambil lesen memandu?
    Hurm. 2000.

    Berapa lamakah pengalaman memandu anda?
    Hurm. 10 years. kan? 2010-2000?

    Pengalaman pahit ketika memandu?

    1-2nd day dapat lesen dah accident langgar kereta askar dekat area Sungai Udang. Tapi cium bumper je. so nothing much. Kereta Kancil masa tu.

    2-Then accident kat MRR2 otw back to Pandan Perdana. Bawak Kelisa. Hujan, jalan licin, puasa sunat, lapar, tak tido buat assignment. so terlelap and skidded langgar kereta depan and kereta depan langgar kereta depan and kereta belakang langgar kereta I. Amek kau.

    All the other 3 cars are chinese male drivers, and they try to komplot nak tipu kata i yang paling belakang. padahal i kereta num3. Naseb aku ni reti cakap and paham mandarin. So, ada satu abang ni *had to trust him, there's nobody to call* cerita kat dia pasal those guys punya conversation and abang ni cepat cepat bawak i g police station and I get to tell the police what really happen so those guys tak dapat kelentong police. *zaman tu tak ramai yang ada phone ada camera*

    3-Baru lepas putus cinta, bawak wira *abah beli masa lelong kat selayang* it was raining, i was hydroplaning. kereta tu pusing pusing and i remember thinking, ok... im going to die... sekali tak mati, kereta remuk like hell. its a total loss. There goes RM12k... *Abah bayar cash*

    Pengalaman manis?
    Hurm. There's nothing manis about driving rasanya. Tapi agak manis bila bawak 180km/h to 200km/h kat highway balik melaka. 30mins to 45mins sampai dah melaka. masa tu bawak Audi. God I love Audi.

    3 tabiat ketika memandu?
    1- Usik muka. Tak kira lah kupek bibir kering ke, korek jerawat ke, korek hidung ke :p
    2- Swearing and cursing other drivers *especially orang yang suka cut cues*
    3- Talking on the phone *sorry pak polisi*

    3 pantang time aku memandu bila:
    1- Orang potong line. aku penat beratur, kau suka-suka hati nak potong kan? !@#^$^(*&%$$#
    2- Orang guna emergency lane. !@#^$^(*&%$$#
    3- Kereta yang pasang lampu tinggi. !@#^$^(*&%$$#

    Pernah terlibat dengan kemalangan?
    Dah cerita dah kat pengalaman pahit :D

    Huhuhuhu... Akhirnya....

    Saya nak tag

    2- Ann
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  33. Merdeka

    Tuesday, May 4, 2010

    Yeaahhhhhh. Habis exam.

    Where's my unread novels and unwatched movies?? Come to MAMA!!!

    Pic Credit
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  34. Birthday Boy

    Wednesday, April 28, 2010

    His Birthday cake from Kitchen Guardian

    Everybody loves it. Birthday boy actually hates dessert. But he likes this one. Not so sweet. Very rich. Very sinful. As for myself, Kalau tak diet dah sental another piece.



    This year. Single.
    This year. 29.

    Next year. Married.
    Next year. 30.

    Happy Birthday. You are my match in every way. I LOVE You.

    His Birthday Card. Thanks to Cup Cake Craft





    Pic Credit

    Thanks to all his friends that came to celebrate his 29th birthday- Pow, Kas, Pang, and Chaq. :)
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