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  1. The DAY

    Thursday, December 17, 2009

    The date line is coming to haunt me. I dream about it day and night. Everyone of us can feel the heat. Except you know who. My mother stopped asking about it since the day i declare 'no more of that questions'. At times, I know she's worried. Welcome aboard Ma, I'm worried too. But I trust him. He will do it. It's just the matter of time.

    There's nothing to be afraid. yeah. who says anything about being afraid. I'm not paranoid. seriously.

    I just want it to be perfect. I know I'm ruining it by pushing and forcing and blackmailing, Haha. But I know him for 3 years now, he is casual, easygoing and laid-back. You know, those "There's no need to rush, everything will be okay" kinda attitude. People who knows him will agree with me on this.

    The thing is. I do like to take things slow and doing it all at the last minute. But, this is my dream, since, since... since like forever. So, it's important to me. Mama and Abah will need to fork out moolah and this is a huge man, we are talking about an immense amount of work to be done here. They will need a minimum of one year to get this done, considering the fact that this will be their first time.

    And there... My thoughts... I hope you'll try and walk in my shoes. Thank you.
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  2. 2 comments:

    1. shada JD said...

      you mean 'walking down the aisle' kah?
      waaaaa!good for you!

      semoga lepas kau je aku dapat plak hahahaha.
      remember that we are always have things in common?
      so lepas kau,mesti aku!
      i loike!

      P.S sign up MAS get-the-deal.ticket to jakarta cuti mid term february nnt is freaking cheaper than AA!

    2. skidezourus said...

      I can hear the kompang beat...hehehe

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