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  1. Hatred

    Wednesday, September 2, 2009

    My passion as most people know is to get married. Afterwards, business. I love doing business. I love dealing with customers. Though there are some of them who are a bit ridiculous sometimes. Study is not one of my passion. Reading yes, sometimes. But not study.

    That is the first hatred for the time being.

    Next is people who cant stand on their own. You are sad, he treat you badly, he use to be good to you, and yet you never have the guts to confront him. You go on telling your friends about it, pretending to everyone you are okay. You sure think people are ignorance. Actually they are not. You display yourself as a victim. Sooner or later, it will show. Truth will emerged from various places, places you least expected.

    Pretenders. Two faced useless scumbag. (Azara Nur, bulan puasa) Sorry.

    These are the two main reasons why school is last on my to-do list.
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