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  1. Dissapoinment

    Saturday, September 5, 2009

    I hate being disappointed. But, yeah... sometimes it happen. I believe or most of us believe that when something happen, something like an argument or what, at that point of time we feels we are right. We only feels that we may be wrong when the argument ends or perhaps towards the end of the argument.

    When I am angry, a lot of things came up in my head. I sometimes visualise myself doing things that will make me feel relieve. I didn't actually did it but it is just visualization. However, when the confrontation is repeated, I sometimes cannot hold myself back. I will actualise what had been visualise.

    Some of the things I visualise during an argument is like jump out of a moving car. If the arguments happen in a car. Or throw everything or anything that I can get hold on to. Well you can imagine how my house would be if I am really angry.

    So. to prevent this from happen. I always cry. This is another way for me to express my anger. Well, that is why you can find me crying. Most of the time. Some even says that I'm a Drama Queen. Well I guess I am...
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