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    Monday, July 6, 2009

    Dont know when since I started using WTF which refering to "What The Fish". Apa ko ingat aku suka sangat mencarut? (padahal memang)


    Anyway, I usually grocery shopping at carrefour (dulu sbb mesra card, sekarang entah). And without fail I will bring my own shopping bags. If I forgot to bring it, I'll buy. So you can imagine how many shopping bags I have (Memang pelupa).

    I guess you notice the increasing number or foreign worker in carrefour(Subang Jaya) From cashier to security guard. They follow orders blindly, which piss me off sometimes. Every time I bring my shopping bags, they will stop me and put the bags in a huge plastic bag. WTF? What is the purpose of me using my own shopping bag? Bukan ke nak reduce the usage of plastic bags? again WTF? Afterwards, sampai kat cashier, you have to repeat yourself so many times, tak payah plastic, tak payah plastic... Then wait pulak for the guard to come over the counter and bukak that wrapped shopping bags (cashier takda gunting or pisau). SUCH A WASTE OF TIME!!

    We can see that most supermarkets start campaigning on using our own shopping bag, carrefour included. And carrefour is the only supermarket I go to that will bag my shopping bags with a plastic bag.

    I am not up to making scene at any customer service counter most of the time, but tadi really reach my boiling point. Tak boleh tahan dah!
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    1. Ikmal said...

      Those people doesnt really care what had happened out there. They only think of what is happening right now. 'What will happen if I allowed this customer to bring her own bag inside? Im dead if my supervisor notice me..'. Yet, when it's come to you as the customer, whenever you are wrong or right you are a customer. Even if you are complaining you are still their customer or even if you cool with it you are still their customer. So what's wrong if a security guard let you in with those bags? I dont see any wrong doing unless you put something inside without anyone notice he he...

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