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  1. Ngantuk

    Monday, July 6, 2009

    Called Dr Chan just now asking about the test kit for FIV, he advise to go for other brand(Even test kit got brand). How do I know which clinic is using what brand, the clinic I went using errmm don't know what brand, and they charged RM80 for a test. If other brand? Probably more expensive isn't it? Aduhai...

    TAPIR seems healthy today, slept at 7 this morning, woke up at 1pm haha! As soon as Im awake, I called Ikmal. TAPIR crawl up to bed and started talking to me and to the phone (I use loudspeaker) He heard Ikmal's voice. Haha! TAPIR and his hoarse cry... Don't know what happen to his voice... Changed since last two weeks, since he is not well. Maybe because of the swollen regional lymph nodes (entah, aku main cakap je)

    Most article I read about FIV stated that infection from infected mother is rare so as from mating.

    "Occasionally FIV is passed onto kittens who's mother is FIV positive. This may happen either in utero or via infected milk.

    Cats don't become infected via mutual grooming, nor will the act of mating, although the biting that goes along with mating may pass on the virus."

    Taken from

    I have to go and check PUPPY, if she appears to be negative. Then it must be negative as well for TAPIR. I cant think of other ways of him getting the virus!!
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