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  1. in sickness and in health

    Thursday, July 2, 2009

    That is what usually people vow in wedding ceremony we watch in 'mat salleh' movies. I vow that to my cats. I'm passionate and obsessed with cats. I was born in 'not say rich' but with money lah I guess, so money is never an issue when it comes to cats. We have plenty of cats at home, since I could remember. I never get a chance to pop 'Do u like cats' questions to my grandma, as she is no longer with us. I know my mother doesn't like cats, she merely taking care of them for us (my dad and our siblings)

    So i guess, she(my grandmother) probably adore cats as much as I do.

    These last two weeks, I abandon my Atkins. As I cannot think of myself for a while. Even 'owl sisters' is deserted. Its all started with CICI...

    She was fine before her mom got back from Melaka (Spayed) They were all as healthy as an ox. They were jumping around, kitchen towels are everywhere, my shoes (my precious shoes) are bitten and scratched and are everywhere as well. You cannot imagine how the house looks like... it was beyond a mess...

    I even brag to most of the people I met on how healthy they were, I am practically proud of myself being a good cat mother to them...

    I went back to Melaka on Friday 19th, Tapir tag along. The kittens were all by themselves in Sunway. I took Puppy from the Vally Clinic on Saturday and we headed back to Sunway on Sunday. They were all still healthy. Until Tuesday night as I were feeding them, CICI haltingly came to me. I persuaded myself by assuring that maybe she didn't sleep properly and that its just numbness.

    The next morning, I saw her sleeping in my dresser. So as that afternoon. And when she still didn't move that evening I started to panic. I wake her up, and put her on the floor. She tries to stand but she couldnt, so she just sat. I called up Ikmal, told him that CICI cannot move. He suggested that I should bring her to the clinic ASAP.

    The first doctor I went told me that she had a feline flu. So, I search up the internet for feline flu and found that symptoms that CICI had did not match the feline flu symptom. I started to doubt the doctor. It is when GOKU and BURMA started walking funny that I decided to look for second opinion. I called Dr Chan from Vally Clinic and briefed him about CICI, he explained that CICI maybe poisoned, but I ask him what about the other two? Are they poisoned too? Suddenly I remembered, all of them still suckling. Which I think is kinda weird as she (PUPPY) was spayed, where does all this milk came from? Dr Chan advised me to bring them to nearest clinic, and I told him I don't want nearest clinic, I want a good clinic with a doctor that can help me!! He suggested a doctor(I cant recall the name) but it is closed early and it's in Damansara.

    I looked up the internet for any good reference from cats lover in Malaysia, they came up with various clinic and it is all closed early. There is one Clinic in USJ that is still open (It was 7pm and the clinic close at 8pm), I quickly put on my jeans and an old shirt, gather the kids, put my wallet, reading material, car key, house keys and hand phone in a sling back. I was ready to go.

    It was probably because of that PC heavy staring when I suddenly felt dizzy... **I'm out**

    I woke up and it was 8.15pm... I started crying and wonder what happen??? My hands started shaking, I felt awful. The Clinic in USJ was probably closed. What about other clinic? That's when I called Ikhwan (Ikmal's little brother) He suggested a Clinic in Section 13, he is also headed that way (JOEY Demam).

    Quickly I drove there, my hands were shaking the whole way. After 30 minutes of waiting, we went in to see the Doctor. He told me that maybe all of them were poisoned (As Dr Chan says) since they all live in apartment, it couldn't be snakes. So it was probably from ants, he said. A-ha, that could be it, as I left them on Fri-Sun, ants must have eaten their food and the kittens ate the food with ants.

    I was charged RM100 (3 shots for GOKU CICI and BURMA & meds for all five of them) Doc ask me to monitor their foods (NO ANTS) and their stool (NO CERI BERI).

    I follow the doc's advised. The next day(Friday), BURMA and GOKU showed positive signs, they can walk and run. That was a relived. CICI can walk but still unstable. GOTEN OK, GOHAN not OK. Doctor did warned me of possibilities of the two kena the same thing and meds were given to the two as well.

    On Sunday, ALL OK, not Great but OK. GOHAN and GOTEN refused to be fed and meds. both are force-fed. As for the two adults (TAPIR and PUPPY), TAPIR was acting weird, and PUPPY is herself (OK). I decided to go for check up again the next day.

    So on Monday, off we go to Shah Alam (again). Initially, I plan to bring all seven of them but insufficient carrier. Doc suspected Tapir has AIDS... Cause he got ulcer all over his tongue and mouth, he got fever as well. OMG AIDS??? WTF???

    As for kittens, Doc says they were fine. Now my concern was on TAPIR, My beloved TAPIR. What in the world? Why they all decided to fall sick? Even I myself was not well since all this crazy sickness started.

    Until today, TAPIR is still not himself. I miss the old TAPIR... the kittens all well now except for GOHAN. She still refuses meds and foods. I hope GOD make them better soon... AMIN...
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