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  1. Haha

    Friday, July 10, 2009

    I finish cleaning the house. Tired but still not sleepy. Something is definitely wrong with me. I accidentally read post Kisah Benar Budak-budak Mass Comm and Kisah Benar Budak-budak Mass Comm2

    Some may know why I was furious, some didn't know. Tapi, when I read back the comments, I feel betrayed and furious again. OMG, they were so defensive and self conscious. I seriously didn't know at the time that there were others who didn't enjoy the night, and they went on criticising the event. But they post all comments as anonymous.

    At least I am not a coward, probably those are the people who are close to them. haha. Anyway, let bygones be bygones.

    Cuma, Kelakar lah jugak when I think about it. Tak sangka people who use to menumpang ur assignment can stab u behind ur back. That prove her as someone not worthy of a friend. I pity her friends...
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  2. 1 comments:

    1. shada JD said...

      takde pun anonymous comment..
      dah delete ek?

      aku pun duduk belakang but kiteorg enjoy bising2 gelak2 kat our table though batang hidung 'rich' on stage pun aku tak nampak.kira mcm dtg utk mkn and meet friends sajork.
      klu kut sume nak duduk dpn tgk muka rich mana tau boleh ngorat dia HAHAHAHAHA.

      oh,rich..kenapa kau kawen dgn velvet?

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