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  1. Azam Baru Tengah Tahun

    Friday, July 3, 2009

    Taken on 2nd July 2009 (Thursday)

    Sape gelak siap! This is serious business people I only have one and half year to get in shape!

    I had to force myself upon uploading this pic. Sebenarnya MALU. But then again, I know that I am easily demotivated. The world is my witness as I vow to shed all those excess 'no good fat'. My dream weight is..... *Drum roll* .....45kg!!! Alah, kacang goreng je nih!!! Hehe...

    Anyway, School(UiTM) is starting in a week, so it is the best time to start Atkins again. In the mean time, healing is needed as I am having a terrible flu and cough! You will love my new voice, rock and roll bebeh! I have bought myself a few new shoes, once I get my hands on them, I'll post it here. And also few clothes from Dorfbury , Fitting Room, and Oh Popsicles... Shoes from Mezzanine , Shoessaholic, Yunique Paradise and the best Je D'ee Bellissimo.

    Aahhhh.... Best nya!! Cant wait!!
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    1. dear,

      about this shoe you asked from our blog,..

      yes, available dear. BRAND NEW.

      email for more info


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