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  1. Am I rude?

    Friday, July 10, 2009

    I thought I already properly introduced myself, though I don't give out my real full name but still how should I properly introduce myself? Care to educate me? I even gave a salam. Just say you are busy and I'm not worth your precious time and that is it.

    Plus she is just a librarian. I'm sure that is a good excuse on being snob.

    Unlike Dr something-something here. Totally the opposite of that snob librarian. I get his email from a veterinary forum it stated there they don't give a person that DR title unless it is true. So I guess he is a true vet. (I guess) Wallahualam.

    You can see through my emails to him, I use the same way of introducing myself. Yet, he reply to me sincerely.
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  2. 1 comments:

    1. shada JD said...

      aku da post comment but dont know what happened.cisss..

      maybe dr-who tu nak layan org upm je kot.

      i think dia ada STM disease.

      ke soalan ko byk sgt pastu dia tak larat nak jawab HAHAHAHHA

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