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  1. AIDS Positive

    Sunday, July 5, 2009

    *Cried Hysterically* It is confirm. I brought TAPIR to vet just now as when I got back from Teluk Intan, I notice his saliva is dripping from his mouth. It became worst than before. The doc advised to go for blood test, reluctantly I agree. The blood test cost me RM80 and RM65 for meds. They did the test twice, I'm not sure what happen to the first.

    When the doc shows me the test result, I was speechless. I just nod all the way. I was still in shock I guess. I was almost sure that TAPIR just had a minor sickness and all that will go away before the week ends.

    I went out the examination room, holding my tears... which eventually drops. It is unbearable knowing that your cat will have a short lifespan. As I walk to the car, I cried. still. I just cant stop crying. I called Tiza, Mama, Ikmal, Miza and Amy. Every call I make is a tearful one. Mama advised me that if things get worst one day, and that if TAPIR is suffering from the disease, its better to put him to sleep. As my mother said that, I cried, non stop... How could I do that? He is just a little boy... My boy... The one I took care for 8 month now...

    I have decided. I will probably go and find a second opinion. I want my baby to free from any disease. I want him to be with me as long as he can. God help me!
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    1. Emja said...

      zara,i feel sorry to hear this.for u to know,my family cats,4 died from the same disease.takde cure for this disease.symptoms masa diorang mula2 kena semua sama,nampak sihat tapi diorang kurang makan sebb ulcer kat mulut,air liur slalu meleleh keluar and makin lama,they become worse.they cant stand on their 4 feets for too long,bila diorang baring,my mom terpaksa alihkan badan diorang from time to time sebb tanak diorang rasa numb.bawak gi klinik,doc leh kasi ubat je,i still ingat nama2 ubat tu,Alpha ITF and AZT.1 of them actually illegaly usage for cats,but dat med can help cat increase their appetite and blood circulation,so my mom insisted.she spent more than rm500,but my dad said it just slowing their certain fate, mom stayed with them all time till end of it and she cried everyday.4 of them were very loyal cats descendant from previous generation of my family cat.Ginger,Lanun,Kakak and AdikKecik were their names.

      ..while he stil here,cherish him wif all the love u can spend for...

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