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  1. Dragonball Kittens

    Tuesday, April 7, 2009

    Puppy gave birth to 5 cute kittens on Sunday, 5th April 2009. Goku was born on the bed and the rest in my dresser. I watched the delivery as Puppy dont want to be in labor alone, kelakar gila... They are adorable... My favourite is Chi Chi, the second kitten. Ikmal likes Goku, the first kitten.

    Look at them:



    Chi Chi

    Chi Ch2i


    4-Goten & 5-Gohan
    Salem and Goten

    Yang buat lagi best tengok Tapir kesayangan main ngan adik dia, tapir is so cute!! haha... I know he is jealous of the new babies, tapi saje nak biarkan. Padan muka dia!!

    Tapir and Goku:

    Tapir and Goku

    Tapir and Goku3

    Tapir and Goku2

    A picture of the mother, Puppy with her babies:

    Puppy and Kittens
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    1. Ikmal said...

      Kame hame ha!

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