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  1. Cougar

    Friday, February 13, 2009

    My head is spinning like crazy, must be the cough syrup i drank yesterday. I was hopping to feel better today... but I guess its bad news.

    Anyway, I had a cup of coffee and granola bars then some drugs to ease the headache. afterwards, i try to rest my head but cougar keeps bugging me to let him in. Cougar is Puppy's new fling. I think she's pregnant of Cougar's baby. hehehe... Anyway... here are some pictures of Cougar.




    I love to have Cougar in the house but Puppy and Tapir are scared of him. The least that I can do for Cougar is to let him eat. So I left food in front of my house for him. hehehe
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    1. Famiera GonGGok said...

      kucing yg amat comel!! geraammmm!!!

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