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  1. Looking back at 2008

    Monday, January 5, 2009

    There are many things that tickles me when i look back how i have changed in just 2 years with Ikmal. Our 2nd anniversary was on the 1st January 2009. I was 50kg when i first met him. I have gain almost 15kg within 2007 to 2009. I am at first reluctant to share this publicly. But I don't want to be in denial any longer!!! Let the pictures below tell the stories...

    End of 2006
    13112006 (5)

    January 2007
    Jan 07

    February 2007
    feb 07

    March 2007
    Mar 07

    June 2007
    june 07

    August 2007
    aug 07

    October 2007
    oct 07

    December 2007
    dec 07

    January 2008
    Jan 08

    March 2008
    mar 08

    March 2008

    September 2008
    sept 08

    December 2008
    nov 08

    I did blame Ikmal for filling me up with so much LOVE... kihkihkih... but then again, I thank him for being with me, for loving me unconditionally.

    Funny thing is the first time Ikmal look at the first picture "End of 2006"

    he said: "tak pecaya lah ni you... photoshop nih!!!"

    then i said: "yer lah, ni i lah... you tak ingat ke?"

    then finally he said: "Yabote Azara Nur, apsal you dah gemuk?"

    Kah kah kah... ada ke dia boleh tak perasan aku dah membelon?

    One thing about him that i love the most is that at the early stage of our relationship,

    I ask him: "What about me that you like the most? "

    his answer was: "Nothing"

    then i ask: "why?"

    his reply was: "kalau i sayang you sebab something, nanti kalau something tu dah takde, macam mane? so better la i sayang you sebab nothing, then if you macam mana pon i tetap sayang you!"

    I guess that's why aku dah bulat cam belon pon dia sayang... kuang kuang kuang!!!

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