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  1. Can I pull this off

    Thursday, December 31, 2009

    I meant for this make up. The model is darker than me. But i like the colour... so stunning.

    My junior in High School gave Amy Janz number. But I think his base is too bright. My Junior is super fair so it should not be a problem for her.

    You can see more of his work in his blog. Which I think so far is at top of my list. I think I just have to avoid sun for the next 365 days. Hehehe...

    Picture taken from here
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  2. I cannot describe what is inside my head now. Mak ai. So many details to be taken into consideration. I don't even have a budget. I have my wedding book but its not 100% design to assist on Malay traditional wedding.

    That is what in my head...

    My heart is a totally different story. School starts in another few days now, I already promise him that I will make up damages done to my GPA last semester. I never, I repeat, NEVER fail any subject. Except last semester.

    To my Maneng...

    I will keep my promise as long as u keep yours. (:

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  3. I Do?

    Wednesday, December 30, 2009

    Wah... So pweety... Do u think my sis anisah can make this dress for me? Haha.

    All pictures are taken from here

    or maybe this?

    this also can

    oh so many choices, If only I have it all...

    wow... this is definitely something different

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  4. My Best Friend, Norafidahwati is finally married.

    We knew each other since kindergarten. God reunited us in High school. However, it is not until after high school that we became inseparable. We've been planning on getting married like forever. hehehe. But since she's older than me. literally. like maybe 1 month, so she's married first. :)

    Anyway... If u read this my dear... I wish u all the happiness in the world. You mean a lot to me and Life is not worth living without you in it.

    Congratulations on ur big day.... and I LOVE YOU!!!
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  5. It's all good

    Wednesday, December 23, 2009

    My seven cats are growing, unfortunately my house isn't. I need a bigger house. Please.

    My mom told me the other day about a friend of her who spend around 50k for her son wedding which if I'm not mistaken in Melaka. For me, that is quite a big number. My mom says she rather pay for my house's down payment or even buy me a house than spending that much on a day.

    Hurm. There are some who even spend quite a lot of money on engagement. GOSH. They are actually wasting money on unnecessary things.

    Unless you are marrying William Gates III

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  6. OMG

    Its very hard to find this noodle.

    I want it so badly so I can continue my diet. Cause I must say I am a bit demotivated today, Was looking all over Jusco Sunway today and end up finding only disappointment.

    Oh Shirataki noodles... Where are you???
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  7. For DINNER

    Tuesday, December 22, 2009

    Pic and recipe taken from here

    Baked Dory Fish in Lemon Sauce

    Bought dory fish the other night. So we'll try this recipe tonight. Atkins is easy if you are willing to spend sometime on cooking. There should be no problem for me as I have a boyfriend who prefer to cook than eating out. ^^ When I say cooking, its not me obviously... He'll cook, I'll eat. :)

    • 2 pieces dory fillet
    • 2 large white onions, thinly sliced
    • 1 lemon
    • 2 tablespoons butter
    • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
    • Half teaspoon garlic salt
    • 1 tablespoon dried basil
    • A bunch of baby spinach (depends on how much you like to have)
    • A pinch of freshly ground pepper

    1. Heat the oven to 200°C/fan 180°C.
    2. Grease the base of a baking dish (big enough for the fish fillets) with some of the butter.
    3. Cover the base of the baking dish with the onion slices, and place the fish fillet over the onions.
    4. Melt the remaining butter in a small saucepan with the lemon juice, the Worcestershire sauce, garlic salt and the basil. Do not bring it to a boil.
    5. Pour the sauce mix all over the fish and sprinkle some pepper over it. Put it in the oven and cook for about 15 to 20 minutes.
    6. Meanwhile, wash the baby spinach and steam it over a pot of boiling water, just till it's soft. Do not over steam.
    7. Line the plates with the spinach leaves and place the fish and onions on top. Then pour the thicken sauce from the tray over the fish.
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  8. Kedekut

    Monday, December 21, 2009

    This post is removed due to an order by Maneng.
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  9. Not everyone wants to get together with u. A guy looks at u. So what? That doesn't mean he wants u. Maybe u look familiar to him. What a common face u have. Haha.

    Most of the time I'm on facebook, i play games. Haha. Call me lame, at least I don't go stalking other people's life. duh.

    I approve everybody *grins* needed more neighbors for the games. *grins*
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  10. I always love her on Uptown Girl

    May you Rest in Peace

    Molly Smiles
    Daddy's little girl paints the world with her magic wand
    Daddy's little child breathes new life to the morning time for me
    Though we're apart, her thoughts follow me
    When I come home, Molly smiles with the dawn
    Molly smiles, and she radiates the glow around her halo
    When she plays, Molly smiles
    On a summer day, Molly smiles
    A new day, Molly smiles

    Daddy's little girl ties a ribbon around my heart
    Daddy's little child waves goodbye to the ocean tide that sweeps me
    Though we're apart, she's a part of me

    Molly smiles with the dawn
    Molly smiles and she radiates the glow around her halo
    When she plays, Molly smiles
    On a summer day, Molly smiles
    A new day, Molly smiles

    When I come home, Molly smiles with the dawn
    Molly smiles and she radiates the glow around her halo
    When she plays, Molly smiles
    On a summer day, Molly smiles
    A new day, Molly smiles

    When the days have gone grey,
    Nothing's wrong when Molly smiles
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  11. The DAY

    Thursday, December 17, 2009

    The date line is coming to haunt me. I dream about it day and night. Everyone of us can feel the heat. Except you know who. My mother stopped asking about it since the day i declare 'no more of that questions'. At times, I know she's worried. Welcome aboard Ma, I'm worried too. But I trust him. He will do it. It's just the matter of time.

    There's nothing to be afraid. yeah. who says anything about being afraid. I'm not paranoid. seriously.

    I just want it to be perfect. I know I'm ruining it by pushing and forcing and blackmailing, Haha. But I know him for 3 years now, he is casual, easygoing and laid-back. You know, those "There's no need to rush, everything will be okay" kinda attitude. People who knows him will agree with me on this.

    The thing is. I do like to take things slow and doing it all at the last minute. But, this is my dream, since, since... since like forever. So, it's important to me. Mama and Abah will need to fork out moolah and this is a huge man, we are talking about an immense amount of work to be done here. They will need a minimum of one year to get this done, considering the fact that this will be their first time.

    And there... My thoughts... I hope you'll try and walk in my shoes. Thank you.
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  12. ikmal

    Tuesday, October 20, 2009

    love. it can bring happiness. most important is that it gives us hope. hope for a better life. i am a better person then i was before. he ask me why not any date. and i said. because we are not any couple. he is not any guy. he is my kinda guy... so i want it to be that date... ILY
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  13. Tuxedo Cats

    Wednesday, September 30, 2009

    Taken from Here

    Facts About Tuxedo Cats
    Researched and verified by Dr. Magrathea Wallace aka Maggie
    By Franny Syufy,

    I was amazed and mystified to read some of these facts, although friends owned by tuxedos may agree with many of them. Thanks to Dr. Wallace and her personal assistant, Randy Wallace, for taking the time to assemble and submit these facts.

    The truth will become clear, as you read further. One fact, which is indisputable, is that tuxedo cats are stunning, with their white bibs and spats against their sleek black coats and tails. The combination, of course, is how the term "tuxedo" was first coined.


    1. Superior Intelligence of Tuxedo Cats

    Tuxedo cats (or TCs) are significantly more intelligent than regular cats (including all other breeds and varieties). Research indicates that this difference may be as great as 200%.
    Other cats living in the same households as TCs benefit from this and may see temporary increases in intelligence of 5-10%.

    2. Environment of the Tuxedo Cat

    People who have agreed to serve TCs as food providers and toy throwers are more attractive than the average humans.
    Dogs are afraid of TCs.

    People who win lotteries are statistically more likely to live with TCs.

    Plants grown in houses where TCs reside are healthier and generally 20-50% larger than plants in non-TC households.

    3. Tuxedo Cats and the Arts

    In recognition of their formal attire, tuxedo cats are the only felines admitted to performances of the metropolitan opera.
    The musical style known as 'The Blues' is widely acknowledged as the being inspired by the nighttime serenades of lovesick tuxies.

    William Shakespeare owned a tuxedo cat, as did Beethoven and Sir Isaac Newton.

    In the original "Lassie" stories, Lassie was a tuxedo cat. The role was re-cast as a Collie after no TC willing to accept the role could be found. They all refused the role as 'undignified' and 'demeaning.'

    4. Tuxedo Cat Popularity

    "Tuxedo Cat" is the most googled term on the Internet after "Paris Hilton" and "Free P*rn."
    Franny's Note: In deference to various "spam blockers," the inserted asterisk is mine. While I did not verify the claim of "most googled term," I did find out one interesting fact. Under search results, "Tuxedo Cats" garnered 377,000 results, while "Paris Hilton" yielded 71,200,000 results. I take this as a vivid testimony to the discerning selectivity of tuxedo cats and their fans; proof that TCs are not hungry for fame.

    5. Tuxedo Cats in History

    Over 70% of all the cats pictured in Egyptian royal tombs are tuxedo cats.
    The first cat in the new world was a Tuxedo cat named Asgerd who accompanied (some literature indicates she led) early Viking expeditions to the North American continent.

    A TC named Buster flew 17 combat missions over Europe with the US Eighth Air Force during WW II. He was shot down in January 1944 and spent the remainder of the war in a German Prisoner of War camp, where he was credited with improving the standard of living through his diligent rodent control efforts.

    6. Richest Cat
    The largest inheritance ever left to a cat (over $6.3 million) was left to a tuxedo cat named Sparky in 1998.

    7. Tuxedo Cat Olympic Medalist

    A TC earned an Olympic silver medal in the 1960 winter Olympics as a member of the Swiss four man (three man and one cat) bobsled team.
    Franny's Note: The award is still under dispute after a protest was filed by the Alaskan team, which consisted of three men and a Malamute dog. They claimed that the TCs raised tail created a favorable windspeed factor, which gave an unfair advantage to the Swiss team.

    8. Tuxedo Cats in Exploration

    A TC named Roderick is the only feline ever to climb Mt. Everest.
    NASA is making plans to allow a tuxedo cat to be the first pet on the Moon, with studies indicating that TCs are also well suited for the Mars missions.

    9. Other Amazing Facts About Tuxedo Cats

    Tuxedo cats can, in an emergency, drive a car.
    When a full moon occurs on the vernal or diurnal equinox, TCs can become invisible.

    As kittens, tuxies will open their eyes 24 hours before regular cats.

    Tuxedos are the best swimmers in the feline family, but they will shun forever any who human who puts them in the water.

    Tuxedo cats can add single digit numbers and perform simple integrations.

    TCs can see infrared light.
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  14. Live Life

    Sunday, September 27, 2009

    That pathetic boy is actually a reflection of my true affection. Reflection cannot last as it does not feels like the real thing.

    As for the real thing. It is just a chapter of my life that needed to be reexamine. Hahaha... and I'm glad, so DAMN glad that it has past me years i mean like (2009-2001) 7 or 8 years ago.

    Here I am a survivor... A living heartbroken patient. An object of a successful Life experiment, May I present you... exhibit A.

    ILY, sayang. ILYSM.
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  15. ILY

    I know u like to bebel. I understand. U offer me the world, I offer u my dad's dead frozen koi.

    I know U know that I Love You...
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  16. At times. I think somebody is stalking me. But it is just a feeling...
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  17. Friend or Foe

    Friday, September 18, 2009

    I just cant understand her. I really thought things can work out between them. I guess now there is nothing more that we can do but to surender to God's fate.
    "The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference." Elie Wiesel
    I will try my best to be indifferent. Although im no expert. But i will consult the best. Atiza. haha. As for my friends.
    "Love reminds you that nothing else matter." Amy Bushell
    If there is still love remains deep down, then let it guide you... Im sure it'll lead you somewhere better.
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  18. Hatred

    Friday, September 11, 2009

    Not to that extend but yeah at a point. I think im being me. You know over analyzing. But, weih, Im a normal human being, who understand sarcasm. At least you are good at it, better than me.
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  19. One more to go

    Saturday, September 5, 2009

    Last year it was Miza, this year its Anisah. Although Miza is more stubborn then Anisah but Anisah is a bad liar. She will shows a defensive attitude when she is lying. For now. A sister is A pain in the ass...
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  20. I hate being disappointed. But, yeah... sometimes it happen. I believe or most of us believe that when something happen, something like an argument or what, at that point of time we feels we are right. We only feels that we may be wrong when the argument ends or perhaps towards the end of the argument.

    When I am angry, a lot of things came up in my head. I sometimes visualise myself doing things that will make me feel relieve. I didn't actually did it but it is just visualization. However, when the confrontation is repeated, I sometimes cannot hold myself back. I will actualise what had been visualise.

    Some of the things I visualise during an argument is like jump out of a moving car. If the arguments happen in a car. Or throw everything or anything that I can get hold on to. Well you can imagine how my house would be if I am really angry.

    So. to prevent this from happen. I always cry. This is another way for me to express my anger. Well, that is why you can find me crying. Most of the time. Some even says that I'm a Drama Queen. Well I guess I am...
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  21. Go to hell

    Wednesday, September 2, 2009

    Seriously. Cant take it. I am off to bed now. The hell with IPR!!!
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  22. It is almost 2 am. I have exams tomorrow. I am lost.
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  23. My passion as most people know is to get married. Afterwards, business. I love doing business. I love dealing with customers. Though there are some of them who are a bit ridiculous sometimes. Study is not one of my passion. Reading yes, sometimes. But not study.

    That is the first hatred for the time being.

    Next is people who cant stand on their own. You are sad, he treat you badly, he use to be good to you, and yet you never have the guts to confront him. You go on telling your friends about it, pretending to everyone you are okay. You sure think people are ignorance. Actually they are not. You display yourself as a victim. Sooner or later, it will show. Truth will emerged from various places, places you least expected.

    Pretenders. Two faced useless scumbag. (Azara Nur, bulan puasa) Sorry.

    These are the two main reasons why school is last on my to-do list.
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  24. Dunno

    Wednesday, August 26, 2009

    OK, I am seriously fed up with school. I've told Mama that I don't think I'm into school now. I just cant stand the fact that I'm waisting my time!!!

    I only wanted the scroll. At the same time, I want it to look good as well. I know I can pull it off. but since I've skipped so many days of classes, my heart is just not into it anymore. The thoughts of going to school, the oh-so-many tests and assignments... just make me feels like dropping out!! AAArrrHHHHhhh!!!!
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  25. Courage

    Wednesday, July 15, 2009


    In class probably boleh dimaafkan, but in life you must have your own stand. I took quite some time to think about whether I should or should not join facebook. To see people kissing other people asses. OMG! It is really not a good sight!

    Don't you have your own spine? Wake up!

    I ditch my so-called friends because I disagree with the way they confronted another friend of ours. I think, there are a lot of people thought us(my other friend and me)being the bad guys, yelah... Aku lah yang suka buat bising, isn't? At least, I am being honest.

    Don't ever judge a book by its cover. They may look like angels came from above with no flaws, wont even hurt a fly... but within... only GOD knows...

    To the friends I ditched:"I have my own reasons, a very strong reason to be own her side. She does not have to influence or say bad things about you as I know you as much as you know me. I hate friends who betray their friends. I will not yield until you apologise to her."

    REQUIREMENTS TO RECEIVE FORGIVENESS FROM ALLAH for Offense against another human being or society:

    * Recognizing the offense before those against whom offense was committed and before Allah.

    * Committing oneself not to repeat the offense.

    * Doing whatever needs to be done to rectify the offense (within reason) and asking pardon of the offended party.

    * Asking Allah for forgiveness.

    I am not being religious or whatsoever, just giving a piece of advice...
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  26. Marinara

    Monday, July 13, 2009

    Yes. I cleaned the house!!! The reward:

    DSC_0003 copy

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  27. I was. Yesterday. Atiza as witness. Told Amy about it. PMS I guess. I dont know. But, It's over now.
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  28. Haha... Solved the nuffnang ad error. Rupanya, double http://. patutlah...
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  29. Am I rude?

    Friday, July 10, 2009

    I thought I already properly introduced myself, though I don't give out my real full name but still how should I properly introduce myself? Care to educate me? I even gave a salam. Just say you are busy and I'm not worth your precious time and that is it.

    Plus she is just a librarian. I'm sure that is a good excuse on being snob.

    Unlike Dr something-something here. Totally the opposite of that snob librarian. I get his email from a veterinary forum it stated there they don't give a person that DR title unless it is true. So I guess he is a true vet. (I guess) Wallahualam.

    You can see through my emails to him, I use the same way of introducing myself. Yet, he reply to me sincerely.
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  30. I finish cleaning the house. Tired but still not sleepy. Something is definitely wrong with me. I accidentally read post Kisah Benar Budak-budak Mass Comm and Kisah Benar Budak-budak Mass Comm2

    Some may know why I was furious, some didn't know. Tapi, when I read back the comments, I feel betrayed and furious again. OMG, they were so defensive and self conscious. I seriously didn't know at the time that there were others who didn't enjoy the night, and they went on criticising the event. But they post all comments as anonymous.

    At least I am not a coward, probably those are the people who are close to them. haha. Anyway, let bygones be bygones.

    Cuma, Kelakar lah jugak when I think about it. Tak sangka people who use to menumpang ur assignment can stab u behind ur back. That prove her as someone not worthy of a friend. I pity her friends...
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  31. Risau

    Thursday, July 9, 2009

    She maybe oblivious to what I've contributed. Or maybe not. Still. I feel guilty pulak now. As for him, should he say that? Errmmm... I dont think so. Although I know it is wrong for her to do that, but I dont think he has the right to judge.

    You may not understand what this is about, it is because I want it to be that way.
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  32. Thank you!

    Tuesday, July 7, 2009

    I was in class when I receive a call. The class is almost finish actually. So as soon as the class ends, I call back the number. It's POSLAJU. and I instantly remember Je D'ee Bellissimo. My shoe!! I felt like dancing that instant. haha...

    Neway meet up with that POSLAJU guy in Sunway area. Unwrapped the parcel and I saw a ribbon-like note. AAaahhh... you are so sweet Je D'ee Bellissimo!!! It says there:"Dear ZARA, I hope your kitty get well soon... Take care ya :-) Thnx 4 da support! Hope you'll like it!"

    DSC_0008 copy

    As soon as I reached home, I try it on, and here's the picture.
    DSC_0012 copy

    FYi Je D'ee Bellissimo, I do like it, wait... Actually not like it! LOVE it! It is most comfortable heels ever!!! It doesn't feel like wearing heels, It feels like wearing wedges. The best shoe so far!!! LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!
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  33. To hear the full version, go to

    If I'm a bad person,
    You don't like me.
    Well, I guess I'll make my own way.
    It's a circle.
    A mean cycle.
    I can't excite you anymore.

    Where's your gavel?
    Your jury?
    What's my offense this time?
    You're not a judge but,
    If you're gonna judge me
    Well, sentence me to another life.

    Don't wanna hear your sad songs;
    I don't wanna feel your pain.
    When you swear it's all my fault,
    'Cause you know we're not the same.
    We're not the same.
    Oh, we're not,
    The same.

    Yeah, the friends who stuck together.
    We wrote our names in blood.
    But I guess you can't accept that,
    The change is good.
    It's good.
    It's good.

    Well, you treat me just like,
    Another stranger.
    Well, it's nice,
    To meet you, sir.
    I guess I'll go.
    I'll best be on my way out.

    You treat me just like,
    Another stranger,
    Well, it's nice
    To meet you, sir
    I guess I'll go
    I'll best be on my way out.

    Ignorance is your new best friend.
    Ignorance is your new best friend.

    This is the best thing,
    That could've happened.
    Any longer, and I wouldn't have made it.
    It's not a war, no,
    It's not a rapture.
    I'm just a person,
    But you can't take it!

    The same tricks that;
    That once fooled me,
    They won't get you anywhere.
    I'm not the same kid,
    From your memory.
    Well, now I can fend for myself.

    Don't wanna hear your sad songs;
    I don't wanna feel your pain.
    When you swear it's all my fault,
    'Cause you know we're not the same.
    We're not the same.
    Oh, we're not,
    The same.

    Yeah, we used to stick together.
    We wrote our names in blood.
    But I guess you can't accept that,
    The change is good.
    It's good,
    It's good.

    Well, you treat me just like,
    Another stranger.
    Well, it's nice,
    To meet you, sir.
    I guess I'll go.
    I'll best be on my way out.

    You treat me just like,
    Another stranger.
    Well, it's nice,
    To meet you, sir.
    I guess I'll go.
    I'll best be on my way out.

    Ignorance is your new best friend.
    Ignorance is your new best friend.
    Ignorance is your new best friend.
    Ignorance is your new best friend.

    Well, you treat me just like,
    Another stranger.
    Well, it's nice,
    To meet you, sir.
    I guess I'll go.
    I'll best be on my way out.

    You treat me just like,
    Another stranger.
    Well, it's nice,
    To meet you, sir.
    I guess I'll go.
    I'll best be on my way out.


    Preorder starts today: 07.07.09 ONLY on!
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  34. I'm hoping to be a new me at the same time reviving the old me. There was a time, before my rebellious years. I love reading. Can finish a book in hours. Afterwards, priority changes. From book to boys. Haha. So, slowly... I'm adapting myself to that habit. Sometimes, I will get distracted. By boys of course (Still) and sometimes by Nicole (My PC).

    Wish me LUCK!!! and prayers... ^_^
    | |

  35. She wore a perpetually martyred expression. GOSH, nyampah gile...
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  36. He is still in the picture k. Occasionally he will come and ask to be fed. I never allow him into the house. Tapi selalu ada niat nak bela dia, so I fed him.

    Yesterday a female feral/stray cat came through my kitchen door. I fed her using Cougar's bowl (never use his bowl to feed my cats).

    Baru tadi, both came. Together. Cougar and that female cat. Hurm. Sangat scary (cougar). Sangat chomel (I name her Pretty) ^_^
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  37. WTF

    Monday, July 6, 2009

    Dont know when since I started using WTF which refering to "What The Fish". Apa ko ingat aku suka sangat mencarut? (padahal memang)


    Anyway, I usually grocery shopping at carrefour (dulu sbb mesra card, sekarang entah). And without fail I will bring my own shopping bags. If I forgot to bring it, I'll buy. So you can imagine how many shopping bags I have (Memang pelupa).

    I guess you notice the increasing number or foreign worker in carrefour(Subang Jaya) From cashier to security guard. They follow orders blindly, which piss me off sometimes. Every time I bring my shopping bags, they will stop me and put the bags in a huge plastic bag. WTF? What is the purpose of me using my own shopping bag? Bukan ke nak reduce the usage of plastic bags? again WTF? Afterwards, sampai kat cashier, you have to repeat yourself so many times, tak payah plastic, tak payah plastic... Then wait pulak for the guard to come over the counter and bukak that wrapped shopping bags (cashier takda gunting or pisau). SUCH A WASTE OF TIME!!

    We can see that most supermarkets start campaigning on using our own shopping bag, carrefour included. And carrefour is the only supermarket I go to that will bag my shopping bags with a plastic bag.

    I am not up to making scene at any customer service counter most of the time, but tadi really reach my boiling point. Tak boleh tahan dah!
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  38. Called Dr Chan just now asking about the test kit for FIV, he advise to go for other brand(Even test kit got brand). How do I know which clinic is using what brand, the clinic I went using errmm don't know what brand, and they charged RM80 for a test. If other brand? Probably more expensive isn't it? Aduhai...

    TAPIR seems healthy today, slept at 7 this morning, woke up at 1pm haha! As soon as Im awake, I called Ikmal. TAPIR crawl up to bed and started talking to me and to the phone (I use loudspeaker) He heard Ikmal's voice. Haha! TAPIR and his hoarse cry... Don't know what happen to his voice... Changed since last two weeks, since he is not well. Maybe because of the swollen regional lymph nodes (entah, aku main cakap je)

    Most article I read about FIV stated that infection from infected mother is rare so as from mating.

    "Occasionally FIV is passed onto kittens who's mother is FIV positive. This may happen either in utero or via infected milk.

    Cats don't become infected via mutual grooming, nor will the act of mating, although the biting that goes along with mating may pass on the virus."

    Taken from

    I have to go and check PUPPY, if she appears to be negative. Then it must be negative as well for TAPIR. I cant think of other ways of him getting the virus!!
    | |

  39. I was browsing my old photos and I found this? WTF? I was probably around 52kg. Anisah is so small!! Haha...


    Atkins or no Atkins tomorrow?
    | |

  40. I've been emailing with a vet, and he advise me on bring TAPIR for retest and PUPPY for a test. He advise to vaccinate the kittens as well, as if PUPPY is a FIV (Feline immunodeficiency virus) carrier, there are possibilities that the kittens got infected as well. Kittens less than 6 month cannot be tested, so we will never know.

    I bought a studded bracelet from dusky wings. Two of it to be exact. I try it on TAPIR. hehehe... cantik!! So I leave it on him. Usually he will struggle, probably he doesn't like those cheap ones kot, with bells pulak tu. This one is leather like material. So, more comfy kot.

    This is picture of him without the bracelet.
    DSC_0122 copy

    Sian my Tapir, his front leg with bandage after vet took blood for the test

    DSC_0118 copy

    Habis photo shoot, SLEEP!

    DSC_0187 copy

    Since last week, this is his favourite activity...SLEEP. Pic below taken the night before I went to Teluk Intan

    DSC_0060 copy

    Gave TAPIR his pills (anti-oxidant, anti inflammatory, antibiotics) Bapak susah! After the first pill, he hide his head under my arm. Manja gila! OMG... nak nangis pulak!

    He knows I love him...
    | |

  41. AIDS Positive

    Sunday, July 5, 2009

    *Cried Hysterically* It is confirm. I brought TAPIR to vet just now as when I got back from Teluk Intan, I notice his saliva is dripping from his mouth. It became worst than before. The doc advised to go for blood test, reluctantly I agree. The blood test cost me RM80 and RM65 for meds. They did the test twice, I'm not sure what happen to the first.

    When the doc shows me the test result, I was speechless. I just nod all the way. I was still in shock I guess. I was almost sure that TAPIR just had a minor sickness and all that will go away before the week ends.

    I went out the examination room, holding my tears... which eventually drops. It is unbearable knowing that your cat will have a short lifespan. As I walk to the car, I cried. still. I just cant stop crying. I called Tiza, Mama, Ikmal, Miza and Amy. Every call I make is a tearful one. Mama advised me that if things get worst one day, and that if TAPIR is suffering from the disease, its better to put him to sleep. As my mother said that, I cried, non stop... How could I do that? He is just a little boy... My boy... The one I took care for 8 month now...

    I have decided. I will probably go and find a second opinion. I want my baby to free from any disease. I want him to be with me as long as he can. God help me!
    | |

  42. Aku ni memang mengikut!!

    Friday, July 3, 2009

    I know twitter is popular, I saw many people jumping into the bandwagon. It is kinda weird to see everybody on twitter as I do not understand how it works! Kuang kuang! Now that I know how to twitt (not twit), somebody have to show me how to stop! Hehe...
    | |

  43. Taken on 2nd July 2009 (Thursday)

    Sape gelak siap! This is serious business people I only have one and half year to get in shape!

    I had to force myself upon uploading this pic. Sebenarnya MALU. But then again, I know that I am easily demotivated. The world is my witness as I vow to shed all those excess 'no good fat'. My dream weight is..... *Drum roll* .....45kg!!! Alah, kacang goreng je nih!!! Hehe...

    Anyway, School(UiTM) is starting in a week, so it is the best time to start Atkins again. In the mean time, healing is needed as I am having a terrible flu and cough! You will love my new voice, rock and roll bebeh! I have bought myself a few new shoes, once I get my hands on them, I'll post it here. And also few clothes from Dorfbury , Fitting Room, and Oh Popsicles... Shoes from Mezzanine , Shoessaholic, Yunique Paradise and the best Je D'ee Bellissimo.

    Aahhhh.... Best nya!! Cant wait!!
    | |

  44. IMG_2853
    *Pic credits Je D'ee Bellissimo

    OMG, OMG!! OTK, OTK!! I want this!!! I am so in love with this site Je D'ee Bellissimo go check them out and please dont order my shoe!!! take other shoes but mine!!!

    *excited* I am crazy about shoes. Just bought a new shoe cabinet. The one with doors ^^ So that the kids and their mummy cannot mess around with my gorgeous shoes!! Probably tomorrow have to buy another shoe cabinet!! Because I just found myself another blog shop selling gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous shoes!! I know my mum will kill me if she reads this...Please don't tell her!! hi hi ^_^
    | |

  45. Drama Melayu

    Thursday, July 2, 2009

    Tapir was taking a nap, when suddenly a little boy named Goku came to join him.
    scene one

    Tapir was unsure of his intention on joining him, that is afterall his spot, so he started scanning Goku's butt (making sure it is clean)
    scene two

    Oh no, it looks like Goku had failed that scan. So Tapir gave Goku a deadly look with a first warning.
    scene three

    Since Goku dont wanna move, Tapir attack Goku's butt! Then he gave Goku a slap. Tapir seems to make himself clear of the second warning.
    scene four

    OMG! Goku, you better go now... It looks like Tapir is ready to strike again, look at his paw!! Gggrrrr...
    scene five

    Finally, Tapir succeeded in securing his throne... aahhhh....
    scene six

    | |

  46. The mother was in Melaka when I took these... I'm still sometimes confused of GOTEN and GOHAN, they look so much alike!!!






    They look different right compare to the previous month? The prettiest face goes to GOHAN and GOKU!! ^^

    Here are some other shots of them and not forgetting their most precious brother... ABANG TAPIR!!! Haha...




    CICI and my wedding book! (1.1.11)hehe...




    Would you just look at them... Aaahhhh... SO CUTE... I don't want to loose them I love them so much!!!
    | |

  47. That is what usually people vow in wedding ceremony we watch in 'mat salleh' movies. I vow that to my cats. I'm passionate and obsessed with cats. I was born in 'not say rich' but with money lah I guess, so money is never an issue when it comes to cats. We have plenty of cats at home, since I could remember. I never get a chance to pop 'Do u like cats' questions to my grandma, as she is no longer with us. I know my mother doesn't like cats, she merely taking care of them for us (my dad and our siblings)

    So i guess, she(my grandmother) probably adore cats as much as I do.

    These last two weeks, I abandon my Atkins. As I cannot think of myself for a while. Even 'owl sisters' is deserted. Its all started with CICI...

    She was fine before her mom got back from Melaka (Spayed) They were all as healthy as an ox. They were jumping around, kitchen towels are everywhere, my shoes (my precious shoes) are bitten and scratched and are everywhere as well. You cannot imagine how the house looks like... it was beyond a mess...

    I even brag to most of the people I met on how healthy they were, I am practically proud of myself being a good cat mother to them...

    I went back to Melaka on Friday 19th, Tapir tag along. The kittens were all by themselves in Sunway. I took Puppy from the Vally Clinic on Saturday and we headed back to Sunway on Sunday. They were all still healthy. Until Tuesday night as I were feeding them, CICI haltingly came to me. I persuaded myself by assuring that maybe she didn't sleep properly and that its just numbness.

    The next morning, I saw her sleeping in my dresser. So as that afternoon. And when she still didn't move that evening I started to panic. I wake her up, and put her on the floor. She tries to stand but she couldnt, so she just sat. I called up Ikmal, told him that CICI cannot move. He suggested that I should bring her to the clinic ASAP.

    The first doctor I went told me that she had a feline flu. So, I search up the internet for feline flu and found that symptoms that CICI had did not match the feline flu symptom. I started to doubt the doctor. It is when GOKU and BURMA started walking funny that I decided to look for second opinion. I called Dr Chan from Vally Clinic and briefed him about CICI, he explained that CICI maybe poisoned, but I ask him what about the other two? Are they poisoned too? Suddenly I remembered, all of them still suckling. Which I think is kinda weird as she (PUPPY) was spayed, where does all this milk came from? Dr Chan advised me to bring them to nearest clinic, and I told him I don't want nearest clinic, I want a good clinic with a doctor that can help me!! He suggested a doctor(I cant recall the name) but it is closed early and it's in Damansara.

    I looked up the internet for any good reference from cats lover in Malaysia, they came up with various clinic and it is all closed early. There is one Clinic in USJ that is still open (It was 7pm and the clinic close at 8pm), I quickly put on my jeans and an old shirt, gather the kids, put my wallet, reading material, car key, house keys and hand phone in a sling back. I was ready to go.

    It was probably because of that PC heavy staring when I suddenly felt dizzy... **I'm out**

    I woke up and it was 8.15pm... I started crying and wonder what happen??? My hands started shaking, I felt awful. The Clinic in USJ was probably closed. What about other clinic? That's when I called Ikhwan (Ikmal's little brother) He suggested a Clinic in Section 13, he is also headed that way (JOEY Demam).

    Quickly I drove there, my hands were shaking the whole way. After 30 minutes of waiting, we went in to see the Doctor. He told me that maybe all of them were poisoned (As Dr Chan says) since they all live in apartment, it couldn't be snakes. So it was probably from ants, he said. A-ha, that could be it, as I left them on Fri-Sun, ants must have eaten their food and the kittens ate the food with ants.

    I was charged RM100 (3 shots for GOKU CICI and BURMA & meds for all five of them) Doc ask me to monitor their foods (NO ANTS) and their stool (NO CERI BERI).

    I follow the doc's advised. The next day(Friday), BURMA and GOKU showed positive signs, they can walk and run. That was a relived. CICI can walk but still unstable. GOTEN OK, GOHAN not OK. Doctor did warned me of possibilities of the two kena the same thing and meds were given to the two as well.

    On Sunday, ALL OK, not Great but OK. GOHAN and GOTEN refused to be fed and meds. both are force-fed. As for the two adults (TAPIR and PUPPY), TAPIR was acting weird, and PUPPY is herself (OK). I decided to go for check up again the next day.

    So on Monday, off we go to Shah Alam (again). Initially, I plan to bring all seven of them but insufficient carrier. Doc suspected Tapir has AIDS... Cause he got ulcer all over his tongue and mouth, he got fever as well. OMG AIDS??? WTF???

    As for kittens, Doc says they were fine. Now my concern was on TAPIR, My beloved TAPIR. What in the world? Why they all decided to fall sick? Even I myself was not well since all this crazy sickness started.

    Until today, TAPIR is still not himself. I miss the old TAPIR... the kittens all well now except for GOHAN. She still refuses meds and foods. I hope GOD make them better soon... AMIN...
    | |

  48. Myojo is back

    Monday, June 22, 2009



    Have you guys try this before? It was popular then, and suddenly we cannot find it anywhere. But it came back!! You should try it...
    | |

  49. Babies

    Thursday, May 7, 2009

    They are One MONTH old... Huhuhu... Whenever I feel empty, I will sit beside them and watch them play... They are adorable... They make me feel whole. I am not so sure people understand me when I say I'm obsessed with cats... I love cats... All kind of cats... It comes naturally... Hhhhmmmm

    Anyway, since those Dragonball kittens are one month older, I would like to share some pictures of them I took between 29th April to 6th May... Hope you will understand why I'm obsessed with cats... hihi






    Sangat Chomel kan??? The cutest face are Burma and Gohan... The ugliest si Cici... Bulu cantek tapi muka hodoh... hahaha... besar sket ok kot... Anyway, here are more pictures of them together and pictures of the mummy (Puppy) and brother (Tapir)...












    There are quite numerous times when the kids cry, Tapir will go over to his sisters and brother to check on them. Never in my 25 years of existence, get to see a brother cat so concerned of his siblings like Tapir. Never, paling dekat pon Tapot, tapi dia pondan, lain.

    Tapot susukan baby walau pun bukan adek dia haha... padahal jantan... gila punya kuceng... Tapi serious, I got tons and tons of stories about cats. Pelik tapi benar... They are a part of my life... (:
    | |

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