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  1. Indonesia and Maxis

    Friday, December 19, 2008


    We will start with Bandung, well... it's definitely a place to shop! Bandung is full of factory outlet, though you have to sometimes be aware of the imitation as there are some shops that selling ZARA or MNG but it's actually not. The imitation will use difference font as the original, so for those who knows these brand very well wont be deceive...
    Bandung is almost like Penang in terms of the trees on the road side. Thus, it is not so hot. With the perfect shoe, walking from one factory outlet to another is not tiring at all. My advice avoid thong sandal, instead wear comfy shoes like crocs or scholl.

    Picture from Bandung

    on the way to Rumah Mode

    this is Rumah Mode

    This is a mosque, im not sure where. I slept along the way from Jakarta to Bandung!

    The view from my Hotel room in Bandung.

    Rumah Mode

    As for Jakarta, if you want to take a cab for travelling... Always choose Blue Bird. Most of the taxi drivers wont cheat you. But if they do, you can complain to their customer service and the cabbie will either be suspend or fired.
    Overall, the trip to Indonesia is a fun one as i get to hang out with my mom and sisters and shopping as a millionaire... huhuhu...


    When I reach the Jakarta Airport, I switch on my handphone, no coverage. I didn't expect to have any local coverage, as i didn't activate my roaming. I intended to buy an Indonesian prepaid sim to call or SMS Ikmal.

    After a few hours, when I was in the van on the way to Bandung I receive an SMS from Ikmal. I was surprise, then he told me that he activated IDD for me. He also added that it will cost 40 cents to call him, so we talked on the phone quite frequently during my stay in Indonesia.

    The weird thing is, yesterday when i wanted to top-up my sister's prepaid Maxis send an SMS that the transaction is unsuccessful as we exceeded the credit limit. OMG! our credit limit is RM 850, when we check the unbilled amount it's nine hundred something. This is absurd! How could this possible! Its not that I'm calling from London or what...

    Today, the maxis bill is out. When we go through the bill, we notice that Maxis charge us almost RM 10 per minute for calling from Indonesia. Ikmal called the customer service, they say that they have to use their own money first to pay to the Indonesia telecommunication company. that is why the charges are high. Then Ikmal ask the representative named Rishi, why is that Maxis never send any notification saying that the charges will be as such? Then she said that it is not Maxis procedure.

    Doesn't it sound like maxis is manipulating it's customers? When they want us to buy a service from them they keep sending SMS persuading us to subscribe the caller ringtone, the background music, etc. but when it comes to our expense, they say it is not their procedure. What kind of service Maxis is providing??? No wonder more and more people are switching to Digi.

    I actually already have plan to switch to Digi as Abah, Mama, Amar, Tiza and Miza is using Digi. If Maxis doesnt solve this issue well. I will definetely start the year 2009 with Digi, always the smarter choice...
    I guess I'm not so smart on using Maxis Huh?

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    1. well said my fren... maxis suck big time! but still, i'm using it, dunno why...

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