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    Tuesday, November 11, 2008

    The car that Amiza Nur drives
    Amiza Nur is a sister of mine that is kind in heart, not as self-centered as the rest of my other sisters including me. Today is her first paper on SPM. She told my mother last week that she wants my mum to drive her off to school during SPM. My mum says OK.

    A few days after that (that is Saturday, 8th Nov), she was involved in an accident. Anisah Nur, my youngest sister from my mother, and Amiza Nur were on the way to town. Of course, Amiza is the one who drove, turns her heads away from the road for few seconds and she suddenly realise that she was too close with the car in front of her. She hit the break and try to avoid hitting the car. As I'm not in the car, so I'm not really sure how fast she drove. But i think, it must be REALLY FAST, because the car turns 900 degree and crash sideways facing back to where they came from(as u can see in the pic)

    Lucky for them, they are OK. The car, not so fortunate. my mum said ambulance and fire fighters were there, as witnesses of the accident thought the driver and passenger of the car wont make it. Huh... according to my mum again, the car is a total lost!

    I thank God that they are OK. As I love my sisters a lot. All of them. I hope that my beloved Amiza Nur learn her lesson.
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      Glad that they survived.

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